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#272613 Matts 06 wrx

Posted by Matt on 31 August 2014 - 07:46 PM

#247194 Alura's 1992 SVX

Posted by 2point5RS_Dan on 11 June 2013 - 07:23 AM

Like comparing poop to diarrhea

#259421 2015 WRX revealed!!!

Posted by Meyagi on 20 November 2013 - 07:19 PM

that's a pretty nice corolla...

#254249 Ally's 02 WRX Wagon

Posted by GClark on 29 August 2013 - 11:35 PM

Lol criminal speeding is soooo kool. Your signature is appropriate.

#253381 In before the close!

Posted by GClark on 21 August 2013 - 09:40 AM

Just went and drove my dads car around for an hour. Getting use to taking off haha, pretty excited for it to be mine now. I forgot how much power it has  :)



Im not stupid... my dad takes pics of his speedo all the time and sends me pictures. I get mad at him haha especially when hes doing it at 130. Im still trying to getbuse to his clutch and stuff. Im taking it out again Wednesday night.



I cant wait till his rex is mine. Im going to have so much fun driving it  :)



that's going to be me once I get my dads car hehe  :)



You guys have no idea how excited I am to get my dads car. Im going out driving again tonight. Tonights lesson... backing up haha since I realized I've only backed up once in a stick haha. Plus I'm going to have to start practicing hill stops and stuff. At least I can take off smoothly now :)


No I think I we have an idea of how excited you are. 

#238870 Group movie meet fast 6 *updated*

Posted by 2point5RS_Dan on 12 April 2013 - 08:12 AM

I'm in only if I get to popcorn trick Garrett

#272601 Ryan's Rally Build

Posted by RyanR on 31 August 2014 - 08:51 AM

The adventure begins!  

Participating in stage rally has been one of my personal goals since I can remember.  Watching cars slide through corners on loose surfaces, and especially snow, just does something zen-like for me.  Actually driving those cars through those corners even more so.  Up until now, I've crewed for a few teams, volunteered to help as stage crew, spectated at a few rallies, drove in a winter TSD rally, watched unhealthy amounts of rally videos, and generally supported the lifestyle by assisting friends/others.  I've talked and talked for years about doing this sometime, and said to myself that I need to quit talking and do it.

So, I did a thing:

I hunted on Craigslist for months it seems to find the right-car-right-price combination.  I spoke with many nice owners, but we couldn't come to a deal that made sense for what I am up to.  Finally, one of the owners called me back a week after we had first spoken, and offered to negotiate on price.  He told me all of the issues with the car, and we agreed on a price assuming an inspection and test drive.  On Thursday, Emily, Daisy and I set off in the truck for Vermont.  

We got there at about 8PM, and some mood lighting set the scene:


I checked some things:



Looked for crash damage, even though the CARFAX/AUTOCHECK was clean:


NO DAMAGE, YAY!!  The shell is so clean.  No rust anywhere underneath, and the subframes are all factory-fresh.  It spent 9/10 of its life as a daily driver in CT for an older lady who put almost 30k/year on it.  It was owned by the previous owner gentleman for just under one year.  Current mileage is 180k.

Gave it a quick test drive to make sure the transmission and diffs were in proper working order.  Jackpot!  They all work great, no noises.  

At this point, the engine has a Cyl 3 misfire, and no one knows why.  I didn't really care because the price was right even if the motor was junk.  


Clean shell: Check!
Clean Tranny/Diffs:  Check!
Clean Engine:  Dunno, has 180k so anything is poss.
Electronics: All work!

I'll take it!


Made it back to Saco, and had to get some sleep since it was 1AM.  Grabbed a hotel for the night and hit the hay.  Woke up the next morning and headed home.

Daisy photo bombed this shot:


When I got home, I used a ton of Goo-Gone and removed the most stickers (front and rear) I have ever taken off of one car.


It cleans up pretty nice!!:



The car came with spare body panels, and the smooshed doors will make great spares.  

On Saturday, Jake came over after work and we had a few Octoberfesteseses.  Decided to see what was up with the Cyl 3 misfire.  The previous owner had mentioned that it had jumped timing, but that he had reset it and the codes went away.  From driving it, I definitely knew the issue was not fixed.  I had assumed bent valves, and was correct.  A leakdown test proved that Cyl 3 had 100% leakdown.

For now, I'm going to leave the motor in so I can move it around easily, and whoever does the cage doesn't have to push it about.  I was planning on building a new motor for the car for stage duty anyway.  Hoping the heads are salvageable and can be used as spares.  The short block has too many miles for any kind of reliability racing-wise. :-)

Started the project:

Ripped out the trunk goods, found that someone was prepping to go to the moon.  Removing all that will suck:


Ripped out the back seat and rear plastic:


Ultimately, the plan is to run NASA, hill climbs, Canadian, and other events as money allows.  If I feel like I'm missing out on RA events, I'll toss in an NA drivetrain and run open light.

The build will take time.  I don't have a "first event" set in my mind that I would like to be ready by.  We are expecting a child early this next year, and so my thoughts/efforts will mostly be focused on that.  I expect to strip the car and seam weld very soon, and get a cage in it ASAP.  Then all of the other work can begin on prepping the car for its eventual debut.  Drivers mods are also needed, so I'll spend some time at a rally school asap.

To conclude, I want to give a huge shout-out to my wife Emily, who supports me at every turn with this craziness.  I could not do this without her!  Also, a huge thanks to all of my friends that have put up with my blabbing about wanting to do this forever, and have given me advice along the way to keep my head screwed on straight.

Now I need a team name!

Looking forward to the adventure with you all.

<3 Ryan

#271866 Matts 06 wrx

Posted by Matt on 03 August 2014 - 06:54 PM

And this is how it finished.

#261666 Urabus's Subarus

Posted by urabusturbo on 30 December 2013 - 04:55 PM

It has been exactly two years since I bought this car. I have accomplished and then exceeded the goals I had in mind the day I bought it, but as things have evolved so have my intentions. Currently it is sitting in my shop hibernating for the winter and I am slowly collecting parts for the next phase. I am upgrading my vf34 turbo to a fpgreen and also switching from the robtuned ecu to the Hydra standalone Garrett has on his car. I really enjoyed the reliability and power with the old setup but with the forged internals in the motor and the 6 speed to handle the abuse I knew I had lots of room for improvement. By the time it goes on the road next spring I plan on having new headers, ewg, aem meth kit, new inlet, and lots more boost. I would like to get to around 360whp which is 100 more than it makes now.

#257530 performance clutch

Posted by urabusturbo on 16 October 2013 - 01:36 PM


Pick two.

#255515 Fall Group Drive 2013 - Back To The White Mountains!

Posted by Meyagi on 16 September 2013 - 07:50 PM

it may be purely wishful thinking, but MIGHT have the supra running for this....

#254122 In before the close!

Posted by Nikki on 28 August 2013 - 02:07 PM

Passed my real estate exam today! Huge relief.

#252607 SiF Motorsports NEFR Recap

Posted by 2point5RS_Dan on 14 August 2013 - 10:13 AM

I should probably do my full write up for NEFR. Just trying to get my head screwed on and get back to civilian life the last few days.

The week before was spent scrambling for everything, fire extinguishers, cage foam, spill kit, etc.


Before the event we were fabricating fender liners and taking care of misc little issues. I leave at 4:30 to head to check into the condo and for Recce.

I get a phone call on the way up. Service team test drove the car and it has no speedo. The problem with that is, subaru ECU goes into limp mode if it has no speedo signal. Crew works on it, gives up and loads the car and heads up to the event.

I have a replacement gauge cluster located and being brought in the next day. Spare VSS from gearboxes was also thrown around.


Recce. Car was now service's problem. They did afternoon tech inspection + worked on the speedo issue.

We did the 400+ miles in my friends caged booked car behind David Higgins:


The day was uneventful except for me having to pee in the woods every three seconds. We practiced some techniques during recce and I got used to being in the office again after an extended time away.

We get back to the headquarters at 6pm. Service Crew has passed tech. Car still has no speedo. Prepping to run 4k redline all weekend, I head off to my novice meeting. I get a text saying it is fixed. Replaced gauge cluster, vss, wiring, and fuse.

We bring the car up to the service park to reserve our spot next to team monster energy Ken Block:



Alternator swap then park expose


Pulling into the first timing control:


Off we go:



Concord Pond is it, the big mac daddy of roads. Of course this is my first stage, not a super special to warm up. I had planned just to run the car in 3rd and keep it around 60mph. Feel things out, play it safe. Crashing on SS1 is a stupid way to lose. Saw two cars stopped with triangles. .5 miles in the left rear strut tophat starts knocking. Accidentally left the AC on, temp jumped up to the second tick mark. Finished the stage no worse for wear.



Short .5 mile spectator stage at the ski mountain. Highlighted by a huge straight away into a 90 degree turn onto pavement with guardrails. Hitting the guardrails is a stupid way to lose. We held some speed but tried to keep it clean first of all.



We just don't have the big power or predictable suspension to put on shows like the big boys, but still got some sideways:


In for the only service of the day.



Icicle Brooke in. 16 miles of stage. Open wide dirt roads into skinny fast mountain goat trails back into wide dirt roads again. Plenty of rough spots and places to make mistakes. Used both 3rd and 4th on the stage and set a good pace. There is one long straight and on recce my co driver said "think long and hard before you go to grab 5th gear". Played it safe and wound out 4th. Got the car airborn a few times. Towards the end of the stage I was getting tired. Ended up out running the codrivers notes and we soft off'd into the shrubbery. We reverse out and keep going. Saw 3 sets of triangles out, but finished the stage.








Damage report. Cage plates separating from near the top strut mounts. Rear left top hat is clunking worse. Strut top bolts are no longer centered in the circle.


Icicle Brooke out and the last stage of the day. In had kind of spooked me. Things didn't feel "right". Planned to just keep a good pace and finish day 1. On the line. 3.2.1. Go. Off and moving. 1 mile in triangles. Civic in the ditch, OK sign out. Rob in my ear "are we towing them." fudge YES WE ARE. Team SiF all about being friends with everyone and helping out. Slam on the brakes. Slam car in reverse. They hook up. Co driver gives clear. Pop them out. Slack the line. Whats going on whats going on are they clear are they clear I don't know okay hes clear go go go go.

We take off. We get around 10 miles into the stage. Headlights in the rear view. I do not like this. We lost time with the tow and the car behind us caught up. I do not like people on my tail, I get anxious. If they're having a good run I don't want to cock block them either. I make the call to try and set a good pace until we hit an opening then let them by. We turn into a downhill L2. Full on drift across the intersection out wide. Look up in the wink mirror and see the 555 impreza sliding across each pane of mirror behind us. I blinker on and slow down and let them by. What the didn't expect was for me to give chase and keep pace.

Kept up with them the rest of the stage and have some drama in the last R4 into L3.

They went wide into the L3, we went in tight and crossed up to scrub off speed + show boat.




We finish the stage. 555 Impreza blew a window out. We pull into timing behind them. Rallymaster goes: "is that your tow strap?"..... NO

We towed the civics strap behind us for 14 miles of stage.

We pack up and head back to the service area to check into timing control. Day 1 DONE.




Had to weld the strut towers back together. I went around and asked every team for a spring compressor to swap a rear tophat, but no one had one. (later I remembered we could have done it without one).

The right rear strut was blown after 40 stage miles. The left rear still damped but had a bad tophat.

End of day 1.


Day 2 Post

Park Expose exhausted from the day before. Day 2 is 80 + miles, 9 stages. Co driver says Friday is fun, Saturday feels like work. The first stage was a spectator stage, so I was happy to be able to feel the car out and have something nice and easy to start the day.

The cage plates near the top of the strut towers were welded up, it was just a unibody seam that was separating. The rear struts were in a sad state of affairs. The right had no damping and the left tophat was knocking bad. We were going to change it but ended up not. In the morning we put on the dust caps for the rear strut towers, reasoning is if we blow a strut tophat we can get a quarter of a mile of stage or a full transit with the strut shaft banging the dust cover. Co driver and I decided to take on fresh tires and try and do a strut at the first service.


Sunday River spectator stage. .5 Miles. managed to keep it clean and not hit the guardrails again. It felt slower but I think we went faster. First section is real torn up after 100 cars on gravels.


Transit to the NH lakes stages. 6 is Lost Weekend Clockwise. About 8 miles of road. The first section is a raised section of road with huge ditches on the side. They used lots of tiny rocks to build up the road. It felt like driving on marbles on some sections. On the way in we saw the triangles of someone but no sign of the car, just triangles and OK sign. Kept going. Later on we found out it was Burke and he had rolled the car down into a ravine but they were ok. Rest of the stage the worn tires and blown struts are really starting to show their wear.

We get to the last part of the stage. R5 which was more like an R4 I think? We end up cooking through the turn way to hot into a ditch. The back end of the car goes up into the air about 4 or 5 feet but we stayed on the gas and were able to drive the car out of the ditch and across the finish line. Only one small dent on the rear unibody behind the door.


Hampshire Hills CCW. This stage is a blast. Nice tight section at the end and smooth roads in the beginning. The landing on the last stage murdered the already poorly damping struts in the rear. Any turn we took the car would over rotate too much. Ended up slowing down because of this, there was just no way to safely slide the car and have it react consistently. We finish with little issue and proceed to the first service.

Service 1:

First service is before Sturdevant Pond, 18 miles, half of it a rough car ruiner. We have 20 minutes. We spend the first 13 minutes of service trying to get the car in the air due to jack stand failures. LDR's crew comes and helps. We get the car in the air with 7 minutes left and I turned to one of our service guys and say "you and me, strut change, can we do it" "yup". We start on the left rear to throw in a spare Tokico. We get it swappped out in 5 minutes. Load the fresh tires on the car and we are on our way to timing control and Sturdevant.


This is it. The stage of day 2. Recce was rough and we were crawling at points. The second half of the stage opens up into faster sections.




On the transit back we see a car pulled over. We pull next to them and they are asking for a jack. We tell them to pop the trunk and take our jack and impact gun and give it back at service. We take off. yay teamwork.

Service 2:

We finish Sturdevant Pond with little issue. Car got hot towards the end so I just shut AC off for a little bit :smug:.

Pull into service and plan to change the right rear strut so we can have full rear damping again. Take on water and food and inspect everything. Out the door for another 3 rounds in the ring. NH lakes stages + sturdevant again.


Hampshire Hills clockwise. Nothing much to report. Car is sliding weird but we just keep going. Driving stages is getting routine at this point. Car is getting hot and AC isn't working as well. Shut it off and sweat out the last 2 miles.


Lost Weekend counter-clockwise. They shortened the stage due to there being a logging trailer still parked on stage. The rough section was at the end which I didn't like because that's when I start getting tired. We take off, noting the ditch I drove through last time. Do most of the stage without issue. Car is sliding but just keep powering through it.

Transition onto the raised tables and big ditches. Setting a good pace in 3rd gear, but the car is getting hot. Shut the AC off and just safe drive it to finish. As we hit one crest the car comes down hard and bottoms out in the center. Exhaust broke. Keep driving as it hasn't pole vaulted us yet.

We finish and the exhaust isn't hanging. Press on.


Sturdevant Pond 2. The right rear strut we took on in service was making more noise. I was tired and feeling like fried hell. Waiting in line I had the AC on and the windows up trying to cool off but it was still too hot. Through some shenanigans we end up with 555 behind us again. We start the stage and see more and more cars off or broken.

We make it through the first rough section. I am crawling just trying to save the car and myself. We've come to far to DNF.




The first smooth section opens up and we set a decent pace but nothing to write home about.

Second rough section. Half way through. Headlights in the rear view. NOPE. fudge YOU WE ARE NOT DOING THIS AGAIN.

Foot to the floor. All in. Bomb through the two miles of rough section. The road opens. Carmina Burana can be heard being played by choirs of angels. We. Are. Moving. 4th Gear foot to the floor over 100mph through a series of R and L 6's. It was terrifying. The most amazing dance of controlled chaos I have ever experienced.







Coming into the tighter spectator area which is a roller coaster of 3's and 4's. Shut the AC off and hammer down ringing the car for all its worth. Temp gauge is creeping but I stay in it as there is only a little bit of stage left. Cross the line foot to the floor and pucker a little bit as we make the last turn barely. Turn the heat on, cool the car off, finish time control and put the AC back on and start transit.



We did it. We did the hardest longest stage left in the day. All we had to do was transit back and finish two 3 mile stages.

13 miles from service. Codriver "that strut we put in is getting louder" Me: "yup"

10 miles from service. *BANG* "Did the tophat just explode" "yup"

Welcome to the Jungle starts playing on the radio.

We turn it up. Laugh. And keep driving.

Service 3:

Get to timing control early and start undoing the suspension in prep for service. We were going to load in the blown STi strut to do the last 6 miles of stages. The tophat died. The strut came out and was bouncing around wearing the threads off. The assembly was taken out in pieces during service. We stand around and then pile in for the last run.


3 mile stretch of Hampshire Hills. The short twisty section. Road is really beat up and the car isn't 100% what with the rear suspension. We press on with every left turn swinging the ass end out wide. Finish the stage.


North Road. This is it. The last 3 miles. I love this road. I got to drive it in the RS last year multiple times as a worker. I am familiar with it, I know where I can hang the ass out wide and where I need to not cut in order to clip boulders. We run the stage at a good pace but nothing too risky and finish.

This is it. We've done it. All stages complete. We just have to get back to Sunday River and hand in our time card.

Windows down. Stereo up. Cruising. Yes yes yes.

The road towards timing.



We pull into timing and hand in our card. Done. NEFR. Done. First stage rally. Done. No DNF. I can't even think.

We pull out of timing control and our friends are their with mini firework poppers for us.

Pull into impound. Done.




We made it.

Thank you to everyone who helped build the car, service, everyone who came out to spectate. NEFR would not have happened with out all of you.


So much Love to each and every single one of you.


We will be back next year..... with real suspension.

#247363 Official NEFR 2013 thread.

Posted by Nigel Prodrive on 12 June 2013 - 02:10 PM

Last Ditch Racing just registered. Nigel will be rejoining long-time partner John Cassidy in the right seat of our battle-hardened #110 STI, aka Tulip 4. Can't WAIT to make big noise in the woods, kick up some dust, and throw mud at all of yez speccies!

#234473 The Mainely Subaru Hail

Posted by GClark on 24 March 2013 - 08:24 AM

Whenever I see a fellow Lexus owner, we immediately snort cocaine and go bang our Russian super model girlfriends. "Hellos" are for the common folk. 

#222828 WBM Movie

Posted by Ray on 07 December 2012 - 10:33 PM

Dan had extra haterade with diner tonight :p

#279628 207 Motors Indroduction

Posted by CamMcLaughlin on 21 March 2016 - 04:10 PM



Hi guys, I'm proud to be a vendor for a great group! My name is Cameron McLaughlin and I own 207 Motors in Buxton on Rt. 202. We are 1 mile from the Scarborough line, 15 minutes to South Portland, and 15 minutes to Saco. I call myself a hypocrite due to the fact that I have always disliked buying from dealers. It seems like everyone is out to steal your money and rip you off. Honesty is thrown out the window and sales pitches are thrown at you. I started 207 Motors because I wanted to create a good honest environment where people can feel relaxed and not pressured. I do not care if someone buys a car from us or somewhere else. I want the customers to buy the right vehicle for them. We can provide real information and experience to our customers. Every vehicle gets a thorough inspection and we even take care of the little things like cluster bulbs or balancing wheels. We offer a one year warranty on most of our vehicles because we know they will last. Most of our vehicles are well under book and we always offer a car fax. 


207 Motors is also a service station and Maine inspection station. We can fix your car right and at a reasonable rate. Our labor rate is lower than most other shops but the quality is better. We take pride in servicing your vehicle. We can perform anything from and oil change to a motor and transmission swap plus anything in between including mounting and balancing wheels and tires and of course head gaskets. We can also install those performance parts you have been meaning to throw on or we can order new performance parts for you. We can get it ready for the dyno!


-207 Certified-

-One Year/15,000mi. Warranty-


We are always looking to buy Subarus!

#275262 My 01 Forester

Posted by IBratmanI on 28 December 2014 - 04:47 PM

I recently acquired this from my little sister after she got an 05 3.0 Outback. I've helped her with this ever since she bought it, and have done a few upgrades and mods to it when time allowed. Now I get to continue when money and time allows. Probably won't have much done to it for quite a while. A few pics:

Has a 2" lift, rain guards, rear wind deflector, sti strut bar, my 05 wrx front seats, soon to have the rears as well, spt oil cap, 6 disc cd changer, and a few other odds and ends.

This is a set of S wheels we painted for a set of 215 70 16 Grabbers

This is with them installed

Pic of the rain guards installed

Rear wind deflector

Painted grille

My 17" wheels with 225 60 17 Hankook snows

Took her basket off, and installed my new Yakima

And a pic of the group, with my sisters new car.

#272568 JP's 2000 Impreza L sleeper

Posted by JoshP on 29 August 2014 - 07:27 PM

How it sits currently: 






From all outward appearance a totally stock 2000 Impreza L except the RS hood and OBX muffler. 

The interior is stock too except leather seats I got from VegasJetta - thanks dude


Well this is what is actually under the hood




The mod list is probably a mile long but I'll try to remember it all




'00 EJ251 Heads with valve job and resurfacing

96' EJ22E shortblock with 10mm oil pump

Cometic HG 8.8:1 c/r

WRX intake manifold and tmic, one of very few on SOHC heads

Modified n/a engine cord

uncapped WRX injectors 820cc flow matched

Walbro 255

GM 3 port BCS and IAT



'03 WRX Ecu swap

Running Carberry ROM Speed Density - The GOD of ROMs.  GOAT Rom ever.

Launch Control, ALS, No lift to shift, and 1000 more features. 

Soon to have Meth Injection intergration (waiting patiently)

Innovate LC-2





Ludespeed Stage 2 kit

T3/T04E .60 trim, smallest T4 Compressor available at the time

Capable of up to 55 lb/min

Tial 38mm EWG

Wrapped header, up pipe and turbo blanket


Trans -

2008 WRX 5MT

Stock flywheel clutch etc from same

Hydro clutch conversion

Soon to be custom speedo signal based off ABS (No speedo currently)



That's about it for now.  I've built the entire thing myself, including wiring , mechanical etc etc plus of course dreaming up the idea.  We're currently tuning the car, which I'm using a tuner because I'm new to tuning.  Im going to stick to low boost (about 14psi) until I get the methanol injection kit set up.  The engine is setup to rely a lot on methanol based on a bunch of different reasons.  Unfortunately Carberry meth control hasn't been released, and I haven't been invited as a tester. 



Anyway here are some pics from the build.  I purchased this car for $300 with a "blown" engine in Nov. 2013 and Ive been planning and building ever since.  We purchased a house which slowed me down a lot too. 


(Sorry pics are so big, most websites resize them automatically)



















#271845 August meet 2014

Posted by Industry on 02 August 2014 - 03:56 PM

I'm SO