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What struts, fit what models

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A question i see often, is what struts fit on what Subarus. It usually has to do with people wanting to lift or lower their car. So I figured I'd do a little write up.

So, as a rule, any 02-07 Impreza, 95-99 Legacy or Outback, and 98-08 Forester, share the same strut bolt patterns, both top and bottom. The entire strut assembly from any of these models, will bolt right into any of the other models and years, in that list. The exception is the STi. 04 STi shares the same as all of these, but 05+ STi, does not, as they changed to 5x114 hubs on those.

Now, if you install 02-07 Impreza struts into a Forester, or an Outback, it'll lower the car roughly 2". If you install them into a 95-99 Legacy, not much will change, nut the spring rates will be different for sure.

If you want to lift your 02-07 Impreza, you can use 98-08 Forester strut assemblies, or 96-99 Outback assemblies, 95 Outback was at the regular Legacy height.

98-08 front Forester strut assemblies are all pretty much the same. but, 98-02, and 03-08 Forester rear strut assemblies, are a bit different. The rear spring perch on the 98-02 Forester is lower than the 03-08. But if you use the 98-02 rear springs in the 03-08 Forester rear struts, it'll give a little stiffer ride, and help with saggy butt. But you also need to use the 98-02 top spring plate with that combo as well. And to follow that up, the 03-08 rear Forester struts, have a higher lower spring plate, so you're able to fit larger tires with those.

96-99 Outback struts, and 03-08 Forester struts are almost the same as well, both have the higher spring plate in the rear, but the Outback springs have a lower spring rate.

Hope that helps some confusion, and doesn't add any! Feel free to add info, or ask any further questions!


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