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  • Hey man, lmk when you wanna do the install. Im out of work by 1030am, so whatever works for you

    Hey there, your inbox is full. Must be a wanted man! When you get a chance, message me. I'm relatively local to you and may want to do some winter tinkering...

    I see
    If you need help doing any mods or fixing stuff, and i'm not busy, i'll lend you a hand.

    I'll be making one of my Subies into a RallyCrosser for this fall, and hoping to RallyX steady after that.

    I've met another russian guy up here in Lewiston, but he's older (30s i think) and from what he told ,me, he doesn't know too many russian speaking ppl either

    We should meet up sometime and speak some Russian in front of Americans....make them think

    well technicly speaking im ukranian from oddesa
    i bin here for 10 years now this is my 1st suby having fun with it dont have the money to do any big mods to it yet so evrything on my car is DIY
    but im gona start going to autoX and see what i can improve cuz i bought the car to have fun as for russian speaking ppl in this area damn this sux lol :/

    na bro im in USN so i live right at cooks corener so as i understand ur russian how long have u bin here and what do u drive? and do u know of any russian comunites areound here cuz im bored dud lol.

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