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  • I see If you need help doing any mods or fixing stuff, and i'm not busy, i'll lend you a hand.

    I'll be making one of my Subies into a RallyCrosser for this fall, and hoping to RallyX steady after that.

    I've met another russian guy up here in Lewiston, but he's older (30s i think) and from what he told ,me, he doesn't know too many russian speaking ppl either

    We should meet up sometime and speak some Russian in front of Americans....make them think

    I drive through Cook Corner every day. Most of the time i'm in the gre4n Forester , sometimes in a green GC Brighton with RS wheels on it. I think I saw your car once, looks sharp.

    I kinda figured u were in the service , since theres not much to do around thse parts.

    I know there's a few russians around Portland , but I don't know any of them personally.

    I ve been here for almost 7 years now. got married 3 years ago. got hooked on subies, have 4 now. no turbos though

    where in russia r u from?


    nice looking ride.

    Another russian here...

    Whereabouts in Brunswick are you? I work down in Cundy's Harbor...

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