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  1. Mighty Subie

    Wanted: 04 Impreza trailer hitch

    Title says it all. Anyone have one? I can order one new for 100 but I don't have a ton of cash and need everything for my move. four 1 six- 8 oh oh won.   <--- text if you have one.
  2. Mighty Subie

    I'm moving South... VERY South

    So, I know that I haven't really been active on here for way too long, but I do know a mess of people on here and made several awesome friends that rank well higher than everyone I grew up with. So I thought that I'd share. I got a transfer with my job. It's a little more money too. Anyway, I'm...
  3. Mighty Subie

    Looking for a 04-05 WRX front bumper skin

    The title says it all. I had to say hello to a snowbank because some moron ran a stop sign last night and with it being so cold, I busted my bumper into about 5 pieces. I can repair what I have, but I want to just replace it if someone has one. Mine is silver, but if it's a different color, I...
  4. Mighty Subie

    4wd engaging motor for 05 Nissan xterra

    So my sister has a 2005 nissan xterra. The ''motor'' that engages the 4wd at the transfer case needs to be replaced. New they are expensive as hell. Anyone know of one around in a junk yard somewhere that I might be able to get this off from? Any helps running this thing down will be greatly...
  5. Mighty Subie

    Disappointed in Meyagi

    So several months ago, I tried to get in touch with Mike to have him do some work for me because I am tired of working on my car. I messaged him not only on here, but on facebook and sent several texts and called. I did not get any response. Not from any of my attempts. Being ignored is...
  6. Mighty Subie

    brembo mounting bolt thread pitch

    So I don't have any of the stock brembo mounting bolts to compare so I figured that I would just ask. I know the bolts are 12mm but what is the thread pitch? It looks like it would be 1.75 but it could be 1.5 ... I need to repair a hole and the insert obviously needs to be correct. Thanks in...
  7. Mighty Subie


    SOLD I have a 1982 Suzuki GS850G that I am putting up for sale. I have had some good times with this bike since I got it. It was given to me in pretty rough shape a few years ago by a girlfriend's father. I ended up having to put a lot of time and money into it just to get it road worthy and...
  8. Mighty Subie

    Team O'Neil makes it into!!!

    So my friend linked an article about the top ten Ultimate Vacations for Car Lovers and So I decided to read it. The first one (number ten) mentions Team O'Neil!
  9. Mighty Subie

    FS: two 04 stock downpipes

    I have two downpipes. One is just the downpipe and one has the second cat attached. I can get $110 from a guy in Boston if I scrap the cats from the complete one and half that for the one that is just the downpipe. I would prefer to keep them whole and let someone who needs them get them.
  10. Mighty Subie

    WTB: roof rack cross members for 2010 forester.

    Yup, title says it all. Must not be beat up because they will be a gift.
  11. Mighty Subie

    wtb power steering pump

    Yup, title says it all. I could use a power steering pump for my 04wrx. Not looking to spend a lot. I have spent way too much time and put too many hours into this damn thing. I will just live with it if people are asking a lot.
  12. Mighty Subie

    mini meet at maine mall

    Yay cars at sears! Lol gate4kg, me, killerbumblebee. We may be involved in some schenanagans.. Edit: my pic didn't post
  13. Mighty Subie

    Nissan stealership trying to rip off my sister

    So apparently the dealership in Concord, NH think that they can have free reign to rape their customers. The last time was two years ago when they said that my sister needed all 4 rotors replaced as well as all 3 wipers and one of the plate lights on her xterra. Okay so if it needs to be done...
  14. Mighty Subie

    I can be part of the club now!!! (again) Now with pics.

    So two years after selling my 02 wrx, I finally have another one. I bought ralli's (04 wrx wagon) back in September and it has been torn apart since I got it home. It had a nice knock deep down inside and so it needed a transplant. Well, I gave it one. I got a used 07 wrx block with a broken...
  15. Mighty Subie

    Extra Coolant Line?? 04Wrx With An 07 Wrx Transplant

    Okay so as the title says, I am in the process of doing a transplant of an 07 wrx short block into an 04 wrx and there happens to be this mysterious new coolant line on top of the 07 block that isn't on my 04. Yes, I know that these are different blocks. one is a 2.5 and one a 2.0 but this was...
  16. Mighty Subie

    oil pan for 04 wrx

    Yup.. the one on my engine that is coming out is rusty. I could re-use it, but I would prefer to just get another one. They are not expensive new but if someone has a 'like new' one that will fit and wants to get rid of it, give me a holler. Not sure how new they stay the same. Hell... the '12...
  17. Mighty Subie

    need a room in the portland area.

    so I am trying to find an inexpensive room for rent or roommate in the portland area. I currently have a place in waterville but it's 150 miles round trip each day. I can't afford the gas and rent combined. If anyone has anything, let me know!!! If anyone needs a reference, a bunch of people...
  18. Mighty Subie

    2002 Dodge Ram quad cab 2wd

  19. Mighty Subie

    need a rear diff for a 2000 legacy

    So one of my good friends just bought a 2000 legacy "as is", and wouldn't you know it, but not 10 miles after he leaves (it's ok on the 50 miles he rode in it before that) it goes. SOOO anyone on here have a good one? Cheaper is obviously better. Let me know.
  20. Mighty Subie

    02 impreza lower control arm bushings

    ok, I have a brand new set of stock lower control arm bushings. MSRP is $97 for one and $107 for the other side (no I don't know why the price is different but that's what has for msrp) I bought them from evergreen a while back. I will get rid of the set for...