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  1. cBax

    Hi there! Glad to be here.

    Just became a vendor for the group and figured I'd post up a quick "Hi!" and introduction to the forum members.  My name is Charlie.  I'm currently located in Lisbon.  I specialize in ECU tuning, as well as general repair/modifications and I am an Independent Amsoil Dealer.  I am currently...
  2. cBax

    My journey down the dark road

    Car 2005 Outback XT, Atlantic Blue Pearl/Granite Gray Opal 109k miles at time of purchase, bone stock w/ 5EAT Backstory Purchased the XT a couple weeks ago (7/18/15) in a private sale. Interior is rough, several scratches in the paint and huge dent in the hatch. Seemed to drive ok (worn out...
  3. cBax

    Hello from Lisbon

    Hi guys.  New to the forums.  New to turbo subies.  Im pretty sure I know several of you from FB and autocross.  Picked up an Outback XT a couple weeks ago to eventually replace the wife's 2.5i Limited.  Spun a bearing 70 miles later.  Looks like the mods are coming sooner than later.  Starting...