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  1. Brian Lowell

    Distracted driver causes head-on Augusta collision driving a new WRX

    Anyone know this kid? I found his FB, apparently drives a brand new WRX he just bought on June 27th and was following a bit too close to the cars in front of him... Sucks, poor WRX! Glad he's okay though...
  2. Brian Lowell

    What wheels fit good with SWP?

    Just want our members opnion(s) here... What wheels do you feel work best with white (besides GOLD...)... Let me hear your thoughts!
  3. Brian Lowell

    08-12 OEM Subaru WRX Wheel/Tire Thread

    2008-2010 WRX Size: 17x7" Offset: +53 Bolt pattern: 5x100 Wheel Weight: 23.2 OEM-equipped tire size: 205/50R17 (2008), 225/45R17 (2009-10) 2008 STi five-spoke Size: 18x8.5" Offset: +55 Bolt pattern: 5x114.3 Wheel Weight: 28.x lbs (need more exact weight) OEM-equipped tire size...
  4. Brian Lowell

    08-13 Subaru WRX Light Bulb Sizing Chart

    Thought I would post this information for any users looking to do interior/exterior light replacements. 2011-2013 Subaru WRX Light Bulb Sizing Chart Low Beam Headlight Bulb Size: H11 High Beam Headlamp Light Bulb Size: 9005 Parking Light Bulb Size: 1157A Front Turn Signal Light Bulb Size...
  5. Brian Lowell

    Cool Subaru Backgrounds (Hi-Def Quality)

    http://www.goodfon.c...hp?p=1&q=subaru Thought I would share.
  6. Brian Lowell

    How much do you spend on gas per month?

    Another thread to bring some information and activity to the General Discussion section! How much do you spend in gas per month with your DD Subaru? Currently I spend $450 a month, this will probably go up to $650 if not more a month here soon.
  7. Brian Lowell

    How far do you travel for work?

    Curious how many of you travel for work with your Subaru being your DD (I am talking about modified Subaru's, not your winter beaters) and how many miles it puts on it? Just wondering!
  8. Brian Lowell

    Ride Of The Season - Winter 2013 Submissions

    GET YOUR WINTER SHOTS IN - NO EXCUSES NOW (even for myself...) haha My snow entry for the current car!
  9. Brian Lowell

    Brian's 2012 SWP WRX Limited

    Finally got the STi spoiler that I have wanted installed! Front Rear Rear 2 Front/Side
  10. Brian Lowell


    So, on my way to NH on Saturday I spotted: 06ish body style WRB STi north bound 2011ish body style OBP WRX north bound 2011ish body style SWP WRX north bound 06ish body style WRB STi passing Granite State Dyno and this pretty little beast getting a break in tune (Lester's 08 STi)
  11. Brian Lowell

    Ride Of The Season - Winter 2013 Submissions

    In that case... My submissions from my 2009 WRX I had,
  12. Brian Lowell

    To port wastegate... Or to not... Opinions?

    So, with the modifications I am currently doing it's causing some 'boost creep' and I was directed to port the wastegate to support my current modifications, and future modifications (headers, up pipe, etc...) so I can take full advantage without worrying about something blowing up. Any...
  13. Brian Lowell

    November Meet!!! Gritty's in Auburn. 11/14/20112

    Thanks for everyone coming out! Was fun. Moved topic to group meet archive.
  14. Brian Lowell

    Going down to GSD Saturday! Anyone want to tag along?

    I will be heading down to Granite State Dyno & Tune on Saturday morning - eveningish. Wanted to know if anyone wanted to ride along with me, maybe get a tune, or get a couple dyno runs, or even just join for the ride/company? Let me know! Wouldn't mind tagging along with a couple more...
  15. Brian Lowell

    When are you putting on your snow tires?

    As the title states... I personally was thinking end of this month?
  16. Brian Lowell

    November 2012 Toy Drive

    Mainely Subarus 2012 Toy Drive 200 Toy Donation Goal! We're asking all Mainely Subaru's members to participate in this years Toy Drive! How long do you have to donate: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From...
  17. Brian Lowell

    Hurricane Sandy: 1 Subaru WRX: 0

    Link: Saw this on NASIOC...
  18. Brian Lowell

    Wheel recommendations please?

    Hey Guys, Looking for some wheels but don't know what route I want to take... Would like some opinions! However, I do not want to have to roll any fenders if I can help it, and I don't plan on lowering my car. Throw some ideas my way!
  19. Brian Lowell

    White Mountains National Forest Drive 2012

    Couple pics, nothing fancy.
  20. Brian Lowell

    Good Exhaust Shops in waterville/augusta/surrounding areas?

    Looking to get a custom mid-pipe on my Q300 exhaust because it's not really as loud as I want it to be. Any good recommended exhaust shops in the area that could do a quality custom mid-pipe job for me? Thanks guys!