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  1. bigd003

    SG Forester STI front under lip - ultra rare hp/tq/aero gains! brap!

    Hey dudes, I am selling my lip.  I had it installed for about 4 days, then took it off to repair a little crack in the underside of it.  I did the work, came out okay, but never put it back on for some reason... Burts Bees works wonders for chapped and cracked lips, and that's how I...
  2. bigd003

    2.5 SOHC with AVCS, longblock please

    Anyone have a totaled Impreza, forester or legacy with one of these?  I could really use one, and would help pull it if need be... 2.5 SOHC with AVCS, longblock please Or how about someone who did a swap, and pulled the NA motor?? Any leads please PM or TXT me 2o7 2i7 335six
  3. bigd003

    f/s+f/t 2008 2.5 SOHC shortblock, spun bearing, 3 pistons..

    I had 205,900 on the engine and spun a bearing about a mile from home.  I replaced the block with one from subarude, and am left with a shortblock with 3 pistons, all A sized, oil pan, oil pan bolts, baffle, pickup, h2o pump still smooth, oil pump, coolant x over, oil pressure sensor, h2o temp...
  4. bigd003

    NEED 2.5 sohc VVT longblock ASAP... can't travel now haha!

    205,708 on the '08 Fozzy, on the way home from work about 1/2 mile from the driveway, SPUN A BEARING.  clack clack clackitty clack clack :-( It's the sohc with VVT, so any from the Prezas, Leggys, or Fozzys (impreza, legacy, forester <just in case>) from various years (Subarude schooled...
  5. bigd003

    WTB Any junk Subie Cylinder head to practice porting.

    Hey there, The title says it all, I just want to practice on some junk heads before cracking into my "keepers".  SOHC or DOHC does not matter.  Level of damage doesn't matter, just would like there to be a set of valves in there to protect seats when I'm doing combustion chambers. Cheap would...
  6. bigd003

    Need a set 225/45 (or55)/ 17's, who has some??

    Failed inspection today due to unevenly worn inner rear treads, who has a set of take off's I can pass with for cheap?
  7. bigd003

    FS: 2.5l stuff, STI things + STI bumper vent, stuff etc random

    Hey there, few random goodies to get rid of. Paypal. no s/h quotes- my zip is 04005, you can estimate as well as I can. I will ship USPS. None of this stuff is over a couple pounds, aside from the engine cover possibly being a large item surplus... price listed is for the item, not...
  8. bigd003

    COBB CNC adjustable rear sway bar mounts

  9. bigd003

    04 STI alum control arms, brand new in bags.

  10. bigd003


    all sold
  11. bigd003

    f.s. KLIPSCH SYNERGY 5.1 SPEAKERS, Yamaha Reciever, Dell DLP Projector

    Selling my Klipsch Synergy speakers. I have 2x F3's, 2x B2's one C2 and a SUB12, total of $2022 worth of speakers here. They are the black with titanium accents, grills have never even been installed, and everything is 9.9/10. Willing to deliver reasonable distance from Maine. Reciever as...
  12. bigd003

    f.s. Tamiya Clodbuster, radio, charger, batteries, extras

    Tamiya Clodbuster for sale with all the goodies. 2 brand new NOVAK 45 turn crawler motors, 2 21 turn motors w purple brush springs and HD brushes, a single 17 turn as well (fast!) It has a traxxas XL10 electronic speed control, bearings in trannies, custom dual servo steering, traxxas t maxx oil...
  13. bigd003

    'Prancing Horse' on the back roads of maine

    (disclaimer- yeah a lot of cars are faster, have more HP, cost less and do more or whatever, this isn't meant as who wants to buy what and why type of thing, just a car nut sharing a fun time with other car nuts. I say this, cuz in the MS chat it digressed to Atoms and suped up Wagons being...
  14. bigd003

    Apkarians LED and other custom light work. PICS

    I have recently had the pleasure of going to Chris' scenic Lake Winnipesaukee home to have some work done on my new headlights. The lights were brand new, in the box OEM CDM HIDs for my '08 Foz Sports. I had wanted an HID retrofit kit, but when these came along it just made better sense to me...
  15. bigd003

    Nanny in Outback beats DumbDumb in Talon

    Thought you may appreciate this, especially the Outback owners here- On my way into work this morning, I was in a line of five Subarus, led by the nanny driven 'Preza OB. There we 2 other fozzies in the sube caravan as well(funny how that always seems to happen- anyone else notice this too??)...
  16. bigd003

    WTB 2006/7 hid level switch

    As the title states, I am looking for the level switch from a 2006/07 sti. I also would like the plug that comes from the harness that connects to the switch, as well as the plugs that connect to the back of the lamp housings where the level motors are. Anyone have a part out??? Please PM me!
  17. bigd003

    OEM battery and alternator for sale

    Hey there, gonna slap an optima yellow top and high amp alt. in there soon and would like to off the stock parts. Please make offers. Parts still in my car, but will be out relatively soon. batt-GONE, alt-50 obo. will come from 08 sports.
  18. bigd003

    stock foz sports axleback for a few bullets

    Its still in good shape, could be used again, and will pass inspection no problem. anyone want before I shoot it? or does anyone wanna shoot it?
  19. bigd003

    Injen cai extension tube and filter

  20. bigd003

    08 Sports OEM blacked HL's fo'sale yo