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  1. flat4awd

    Owl's Auto JDM WRX STi V2 Tribute T-Shirts

    Owl's Auto JDM WRX STi V2 Tribute T-Shirts   A throwback design and colorway to the best time period of Japanese automobile engineering, the early to late 1990's. During this time, many different versions (and trim levels) of the WRX were available pretty much everywhere in the world...
  2. flat4awd

    Parts Inventory

    UPDATED FOR 2018: Owl's Auto JDM Subaru Parts for sale 1993-2001 Impreza, 2.5RS, and some 2002-2007 Impreza. 02-07 Aluminum radiator. $100...
  3. flat4awd

    Introducing: Owl's Auto JDM

    'Owl's Auto JDM' will specialize in 93-07 Subaru's (maybe other makes as I grow), as well as USDM and JDM parts for the same. My goal is to provide quality cars and rare parts, at an affordable pricepoint.  "Where performance and reliability meet." Site: Email...
  4. flat4awd

    WTB: 225/50/16" (or close to) tires.

    I have a set of steelies that I want to mount some meaty tires to (for my OBS), so if anyone has a set of four decent treaded tires (preferably summer tires, and no studs) please get ahold of me. 207- two one nine - three four two four
  5. flat4awd

    WTB: 16" Alloys, 5x114 Bolt Pattern

    I need a set of four 16" alloy wheels, in the bolt pattern of 5x114. They don't have to be Subaru wheels, as they are going on a Toyota. PM me for best response, thank you.
  6. flat4awd

    Sony Xplod Speakers $25

    Hey all, I found these in storage and I don't need them. I pulled them from a 95 Impreza L:        $25, located in Gray, and willing to meet within 30 mile radius.   PM me.
  7. flat4awd

    2003-2008 Forester Springs, WRX Silicone Turbo Inlet

    2003-2008 Forester Springs: I acquired these in a trade, and painted them white. I was going to lift my OBS, but have decided against it. So now, you can lift your WRX. $50 Silicone Turbo Inlet (unkown brand): This came off a bugeye WRX if I remember correctly, but it will fit many other...
  8. flat4awd

    2000 Legacy Outback-$2500 or best offer

    From my craigslist ad: Up for sale is a 2000 Subaru Legacy Outback. It recently just made the trip from Wisconsin to Maine, so it's fair to say it's pretty reliable. The timing belt, water pump, and head gaskets were done 20k miles ago. It has a strong clutch, the brakes work well, and the...
  9. flat4awd

    F/S WRX Aluminum Radiator $120 obo

    I purchased this radiator with the intent to use it with my first gen Impreza's 'ghetto boost' setup, without realizing it's made for a WRX. This means none of the hoses would line up, my loss your gain: Fairly large core: The picture makes these fins look worse then they are: Fans are...
  10. flat4awd

    1994 Impreza L/ Ver. 6 STi - SOLD.

    I decided to get serious with my 1997 Type RA build, also decided to get serious about saving for a house: SOLD! On to the next...
  11. flat4awd

    WTB: 1998 EJ22 for OBS

    Hey there, My friend Hobson is looking for a 1998 phase one ej22 motor for his Outback Sport. I told him to make a thread, but I guess he's scared (he should go to church). Maybe he couldn't find the site, but at any rate... Does anyone have a 'last known running' ej22 they wouldn't mind...
  12. flat4awd

    WTB: 1993-2001 Impreza set of four struts/springs

    No longer need these. Lock it up!
  13. flat4awd

    Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 size 205/55/16 price $350 obo

    No longer available.
  14. flat4awd

    93-01 Impreza bits, & 02 WRX pieces for sale

    All prices best reasonable offer. Text 207-219-three four two four. 02- WRX Hawk HPS Pads (dual-piston front caliper fitment.) Awesome brake pad. I ran these for a little while, then switched to EBS Red-Stuff; These still have at least 70% pad life left. $40 02-07 GD Badges Brand new...
  15. flat4awd

    Gray dash, carpet, door cards, 93-96 L Sedan

    Hey folk, I'm doing a tan->gray interior conversion in my first gen, because tan sucks that's why. If anyone finds these bits in a yard, or you're parting out a car, let me know. -93-96 Impreza L sedan crap should work. Preferably crank window'd door cards Thanks.
  16. flat4awd

    Yay or nay chuckleheads (Warning: 2004 WRB STi content inside, NSFW) Opinions, annnnnd go:
  17. flat4awd

    V4/V5/V6 STi lip to fit 93-01 'GC' Impreza

    Might be a long shot, but I'm just putting it out here... I'm looking for a Version 4/5/6 STi lip to fit a 'GC' style Impreza, as I just demo'ed my sheetrock screwed P1 lip that was on the car. Any leads much appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  18. flat4awd

    Looking for a decent shop to do a wheel bearing job

    I don't have a press, or any of that business; I'm looking for a fairly cheap shop that would be cool with me bringing the part in. Or if anyone wants to help me do it, I'll hook you up with a fine 6 pack of your choosing. Car is an 01' Impreza RS (meaning the hub has to come out)
  19. flat4awd

    Buncha stuff; 22-25mm FSB, RS shift knob, Hella 550 stuff, etc.

    Michelin 'Hydro-Edge' 205/65/15 About one summer of tread left, they hold air just fine and were a nice riding tire for me: $100 OBO 22-25mm (unsure of exact measurement) Front Sway Bar: $60 Hella Comet 550 (single), two stone shields (brand new in box): $60 2.5 RS sunroof...