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    Congrats on the new ride. Hope you will be able to meet up with us soon!
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    New to the group

    Very Nice! Welcome to the club! A bit further south, but I'm still on my first Legacy with 105k on it!
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    about me

    Welcome to Mainely Subarus.
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    Welcome @oreo
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    Hey hey

    Howdy! Glad you found us! I have a wedding to attend up in Bangor later in the Summer - place is growing for sure!
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    About me

    Welcome to the family! No question is beyond someone help! Thanks again for joining!
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    New and still learning - NY kid

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the Subaru Family!
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    Hi there! Welcome Are you buying a new turbo or used? If so what kind of miles are on the system?
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    New Subaru WRX owner

    BRZ are small - I think you'll enjoy the WRX a bit more.
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    How did you find Mainely Subarus?

    Glad you joined us here!
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    New guy

    Welcome sorry to hear you're having issues with the seller. Where did you buy them at?
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the group! Glad you found us! I know we are always looking for new please tell your friends. We are trying to grow! Do you happen to have any pics of your car...I always love to see what members might have done to their rides. Hope you stay warm and safe if you got...
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    Welcome the community! Glad you are here, even if we are Maine based, we welcome everyone from all areas of the country!
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    Hey all from Scarborough

    Welcome to the site! Always happy to have some new blood on the site! Looking forward to see what other projects you work in!
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    Welcome to the club! Glad you are here. Post a few photos if you get a chance to about your ride!
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    New WRX Owner

    Welcome from Augusta! Looking forward to seeing you around the forum.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome @FluffedUpBunny. Glad to have you here - Have you looked on ebay at all? I found one for less than $75 shipped I enjoy my Legacy, so hopefully you can get some...
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    Recent Add

    Welcome to the site! Glad to have you. Feel free to tell other folks about the site, we are trying to breath a little bit of life back into the site!