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    Wtb 2.5l SOHC longblock

    Can't have avcs, so must be pre-05. Lower miles is less important than good HG and timing belt, but lower miles preferred.
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    07 forester motor

    I have an intact 2.5l out of an 07 forester. Bought it and didn't realize it wouldn't fit my 03. Want to sell, or better yet trade for a good motor for my 03.
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    Augusta meet Sunday night?

    Anybody want to meet up Sunday evening in Augusta? Let's get something going.
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    WTB 98 forester radiator (auto)

    What you got?
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    need ds rear strut for 98 forester

    Let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    Portland area Get Together wednesday night.

    I'm working down here and want to hang with some Subaru brethren. Where do we want to meet up? 6:30pm. What's good to eat down here?
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    Disc Golf Sunday Sept. 7th

    Sabattus Disc Golf sunday the 7th at 8 am. i would love to line the parking lot with Subarus. Who's Down?
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    KYB excel-G strut 05 LGT

    May fit other vehicles/years. Brand new passenger side strut. Part #339096. I bought two and got the same part number by mistake. Didn't realize until I bolted it in, so the paint near the bolt holes is scuffed a little. I Didn't drive on this. Napa sells these for $130. I need $65. Thanks.
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    strut question.

    I realize this likely sounds really stupid, but are kyb struts the same thing on the drivers side as the passenger, save for the wheel speed sensor and brake line bracket being backward?
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    05 legacy GT front hubs

    I double ordered a pair of Detroit axle hubs from Amazon. Just checking to see if anyone else wants to replace theirs soon. $65 for the pair. Guys on are really happy with these hubs.
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    Weird Wear

    So i have some weird wear on my front tires. DS wears only on outside edge, PS on inside edge. car pulls to the right when driving. Any ideas on where to start?
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    225/45/17 Cheap.

    Looking for a set of 225/45/17 for cheap. don't have to be in excellent condition, but have to measure withing 1/4" circumference. just need tires to get me by until i put some winters on..
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    any interest in Bats?

    Anybody interested in bats? I always liked them, then after my parents were gunned down outside the theater I really couldn't get them out of my head. I even sleep upside down sometimes. Anyway, anyone else like bats? P.s. I also like baseball bats P.p.s I am also strangely fond of that pink...
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    my baby has to go

    2005 legacy GT Silver 194K 5 speed Clean Title in hand Farmingdale, ME 4s3BL686856229719 $8500 OBRO VF-52 turbo Sti pistons Sti heat treated crankshaft King Main and Crank bearings All OEM subaru Gaskets and seals. Sti 11mm Oil pump Full gates timing kit...
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    disc golf on Saturday afternoon.

    We're going disc golfing Saturday afternoon. Don't care where. Family friendly thing; let's throw some discs around.
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    pittston Get together Friday night.

    Shooting for 6pm at the ice cream shop in pittston. Right on rt27. There is a huge park and ride across the street to park in. I will likely have my kids and wife in tow. Who's in?
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    another 05 Legacy GT

    Well I guess this is just a placeholder for the moment. I need to compile a list of mods. I suppose we should start with a photo of when I first got it home, Almost a year ago.
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    Impromptu Meet augusta area tonight?

    Anybody want to get together for a last minute meet/ cruise/ whatever? Leggy is fresh and clean, and free from mechanical gremlins(knock on wood). let me know.
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    Oh, honda guy.
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    Oil filter sandwich plate

    Anyone have one of these to sell? tried Nasioc but seller is dragging feet, and I need it soon. Thanks