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    Front drive half shafts

    Just replaced both front axles, both clacking away. I used aftermarket ones from a1 auto. I read all the posts online about vibrations if you don't use oem $$$ axles. I don't notice anything other than its silent now when turning. Yay!
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    Leather seats

    Finally found a set of three to replace the cloth ones! My dog and myself were not a good match for light colored cloth seats! The passenger front seat is a wiring nightmare! Due to my new seats being out of an 07' looks awesome and as soon as I can figure out how to post a pic....
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    Beige or whatever color it is leather seats

    Hi, does anyone have or know where I can score the seats for a 2008 Outback. My dog/ everyday life is requiring weekly cleaning of my cloth ones and its getting old. Thanks!
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    Irritating ticking

    Hi, I have a 2.5 in my 2008 OB. It sounds like a sewing machine. Tick tick tick...I've had a few Subaru's that ticked until warm up. My 02 forester is silent due to the elderly lady that owned it prior, took it in to have it fixed every time it made a noise! Lol is there an adjustment that has...
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    D.I.Y. grounding kit

    Hi, I found the plans for the kit on all I can say is wow! By wouldn't Subaru do this from the assembly line. Some say its a placebo effect 2008 idles so much smoother, acceleration is quicker, and the auto trans shifts smooth! Yes I said a Subaru with an auto shifts...
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    Greetings from lower Togus Pond

    Hello everyone! I'm on outback number 2! Just got a 2008 and am really enjoying it. They have come a long way fromy old 1996!