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    Thanks for your reply I’m looking to do a Hg replacement, being an ej251. While I have that being done, I would like to have a lighter flywheel and delta cam installed with reliability. So I am looking for a garage that has experience installing delta cams. I don’t want to add that much...
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    I have 1st gen foz. I like driving in the NE. I want keep this Foz as project car because it’s great and reliable and easy to work on. I am looking for a Subaru performance garage. Any recommendations? Thanks
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    New to NE. Subaru Garage

    Hi. I have a 2001 Forester L. I am new to NE. The HG is going and I want to replace the gasket, install a delta cam, and couple other improvements. Any garage recommendations? I am in the greater Boston area. Thanks