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    2004 Forester XT

    Selling my XT. 2004 Red Forester XT, manual transmission, approx. 110,000 miles. The good: Run stock until 95,000 by my Ex. She didn't believe in shifting past 4k rpm's ever. Overall not abused. New 6 Star Speed rebuilt VF-43 with larger exhaust turbine. Capable of about 20WHP more than...
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    Fuel Pump and Tribeca Front Calipers

    Walbro WRX/STi genuine fuel pump Used tribeca front brake calipers Both $50 or best offer. Thank you, Ben
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    Suspension Setup, King springs, WRX struts, STi top hats

    suspension setup, not put together, separate parts.  King Springs, WRX raised (supposed to bring ride height up approximately an inch on the WRX, stiffer than stock) $150 WRX strut set (used, bought from gabe, never installed) $75 STi top hat set of 4 (used, never installed) $75 If complete...
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    5-100 BBS 2004 silver rims

    Thinking about letting these go, they do have some scuffs but don't look terrible, and they balance just fine. Only year that fits WRX/XT etc. Looking for 700. Thanks! Ben
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    Oil circulation and P0011

    Hey All,      About a month ago my turbo failed on my Forester XT. Got a new turbo for it and the new one failed in about 5 miles right as it threw a P0011 code (low oil pressure to the AVCS system). My mechanic was under the impression the first time that the code was due to loss of oil fluid...
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    Rim powder coat options

    I'm looking for someone who does nice powder coating. Want to get my BBS set done as they are looking a little rough. Any good suggestions? 
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    04 forester stock cat back free

    Just took this off, it's stock and rusty but did not leak. I can drop it off in the Portland area Friday afternoon if anyone wants it.
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    brake caliper cores

    Looking for brake caliper cores. Condition doesn't matter just needs to be cheap! (need to get my core charge back)
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    Cleaning the basement

    I've got a basement full of stuff and i'm moving to an apartment without a basement :-( , have to downsize. Complete 2009 2.5i set of struts, springs, top hats already assembled with 35k on them. These came off of my 2.5i and I swapped a complete set out of an Sti in with GYB GR2's in the front...
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    2004-2006 Sti exaust parts

    Hey All, Looking for the following: Sti manifold Sti uppipe Sti downpipe 2004-2006. Shoot me a PM thanks, Ben
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    2009 Fitment questions

    Looking for some info regarding fitment between 2011 STi and 2009 2.5i suspension parts. I'm 99.9% sure the rear will bolt right in with no concerns. My understanding is that The front struts are completely different, but the spring are compatible in a 2.5i strut. Does anyone know if the top...
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    2005 RS Seats

    Still have these, Planing on coming to the B+BS, hoping to make them go away then. Front, rear, and door cards, black in color, have pictures if anyones intersted. 100 takes the lot, wife is looking angraly at the pile of car parts...(Trades? 2009+ strut/spring stuff???)
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    2009-2011 WRX stock suspention

    Looking for a 2009-2011 WRX stock suspention: Springs, Struts, and top hats, not taken apart, and low miles. Prefer the Wagon model, but I'll do the research to make sure the Sedan ones will fit if someone has a set. Thanks! Ben
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    Complete turbo setup for N/A subarus!

    I've been piecing together a complete turbo setup for a while, but I think I'm going to let it go. This is everything you need except engine managment. for 05+ vehicals a tactrix cable can fix your problems, otherwise your own your own ;-). Turbo kit: Lude speed, 7K miles on the kit, everything...
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    Feeler 2005 RS

    Thinking about getting something else, thought I'd see if anyone was interseted. 2005 Subaru Impreza RS, 124K on the body, 40K on the engine. Almost no rust (had a few dings that had started when I first bought the car, treated all of them, nothing on the underside). Dark Blue in color with Tan...
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    Opensourse Beer Meet?

    So I wanted to see if there was any interest in getting all the people who are opensourse/tactrix/romraider guru's together with some of us who are just getting into it. What you guys think? Ben
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    Engine Build Stuff

    Looking for the following stuff: WRX/STi Oil Pan /w dip stick (not rusted to hell) WRX/STi Oil pump (low miles) WRX/STi Water pump (low miles) New Set STi Head gaskets Subaru SOHC forged piston set, 2.5L (yes, they are a different configuration than DOHC. No, I don't want STi/WRX stuff)...
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    acer 13" 1.5 dual core/4 GB RAM/320 HD Laptop

    Thought I'd throw it out to you guys before Craigslist. Bought it 1 1/2 years ago, good shape, everything works. Included is an external hard drive and case. I got a SONY for the holidays, needed something bigger. Looking for 200 OBO.
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    05 RS full interior and other stuff

    Selling a complete interior out of an 05 RS, black in color, complete with door cards, front and back seats, and rear window trim. I upgraded mine to wrx limited leather, don't need the stock ones. (250) I also have a intake manifold out of an 06 2.5i sohc engine with 41k on it. Didn't use it...
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    2011 WRX paint code

    Saw a Dark Gray Metalic WRX with the "gunmetalish" rims the other day. So sexy, anyone able to hunt down a paint code for these? I'm thinking about powder coating my BBS's!