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  1. jojo69

    Custom Alcantara trim for sale 2008-2014 models

    I'm gonna be changing things and decided to sell my beloved interior (i'm a little sad). All items are on the car and I am happy to show peeps who are interested. All stitched items are from JPM. Steering wheel are "made to order".  I have receipts for everything. This is a full center...
  2. jojo69

    WTB: 08-14 Perrin Hatch wing riser kit

    Looking for used Perrin wing riser kit.  Official link --> What you got? 
  3. jojo69

    testing waters: blacked out & proper HID retrofit For Sale

    Seeing if there is any serious interest out there.  7 months old retrofit. GR headlights. Blacked out housing. Tuned black series Hid + Clear lens.  Headlights in great condition, no cracks or broken tabs. You can see in my Journal thread some pics of headlights...
  4. jojo69

    FS: Retrofit parts: Mdx projectors, TRS blk series lens

    Hi, I am not sure what to do with this set of HID projectors. Had initially planned to use them but went other route. Now just gathering dust (not really) in the basement. What is it? Basically a set of MDX projectors in good condition, tuned for a bit more color by ImagioX1 (Hidplanet mbr)...
  5. jojo69

    03-09 outback headlight

    Looking for a driver side, or both sides (but I really just need driver side) headlight for the wife's 08 outback.  Severe condensation, so I'd like to put in a new one(s) and maybe take the old ones out, paint, re-seal and buff out   Anyone have that laying around? The cheaper the better!  ...
  6. jojo69

    08 Outback airbag light

    Wife's 08 outback keep having the airbag light in lower right hand corner of dash come on.  It seems intermittent, as in it won't be on all the time and it goes off randomly. Usually will come on when she starts the car and will go off when she re-starts the car (it won't just go off or on...
  7. jojo69

    stock everything: tire size?

    Hey, so stock tires from 2012 when I bought the car are on their way out... Need something new for the summer. OEM 2012 wrx are 235/45/17. I will robably go with 1 of those tires:  Continental Extreme contact DW  Michelin Pilot Super Sport  BFG gforce Sport Comp-2 I want to fill in the gap...
  8. jojo69

    08 style OB anterior mudguard-thingie?

    Dunno what this part is called, but I am missing the passenger side and would like to replace it.  ANyone have one for sell?  driver has picture, you can see a small 'mud guard' pre-tire and regular sized mud-guard post-tire:  Here is a better picture of the part I am looking for...
  9. jojo69

    FS: 215/60 r16 5x110 General Altimax

    These came from the now totaled 2006 Malibu. These are 5x110 according to google. General Altimax, great winter performer IMO. These have seen 2 Maine Winters. Steelies in great condition. All bought new from Tirerack 2 years ago.  Definitely meat on them for some more winters ahead on another...
  10. jojo69

    '12 sway swap in '08 obs 2.5i?

    So I am just thinking ahead here, but given what I've been reading, it sounds like outbacks typically understeer from the factory and to optimize handling, a stiffer rear swaybar can be used. I saw another thread that some years (08?) wrx rear sways can be used on 08 obs...
  11. jojo69

    winter tire/rims

    So, I am now looking for winter package rims. I can't afford $722 for a new set on Tirerack, so let's see what's out there!    rims/tires are for '08 ob. 225/60-16 would be great!  Studless, even better This is for the wife's car, she is not ice racing ya'll!  let me know what ya got!?  thx
  12. jojo69

    Wife car totaled, need to find a new-er reliable car asap!

    Hey guys,  Well this past Friday, my wife got pushed off the road into a ditch/field of Rte 27 in Pittston because 2 idiots in front of her suddenly braked and the only way to go to avoid the car immediately ahead of her (who halted on the side lane) was the ditch/field.  Wife was shaken up...
  13. jojo69

    FS - this weekend ONLY. sti HID's

    Perfect pair of STI OEM D2S projectors no damage for 250 shipped in the US. or   bulbs ballasts and projectors for 150 shipped! Only this weekend!  Also a pair of used MDX projectors. $50 OBO black series clear lens. AS IS. Output pics below. Sharper cutoff would require clear lens. Current...
  14. jojo69

    Anyone good with wiring/electrical?

    SO I suck at a lot of things, including wires/wiring/electrical. I have decided to go ahead and get started on my oem led side mirror conversion. I was hoping there may be some other subaru/electrical and OCD guru out there that  may wanna lend me his hands, brains in making this conversion...
  15. jojo69

    12 oem wrx cbe & misc items

    Moving soon, so gathered some random parts that could go to a better home! - 2012 oem HATCHBACK wrx cbe. Has 36k miles on it. $150 obro. As you can see, muffler is in great shape with minimal to no rusts. Has seen 2 NE winters and 3 NE summer/fall/spring.   - 05 legacy controller switch +...
  16. jojo69

    WRB 08+ STI driver side mirror cap

    Yes, it's specific, which is why It's been 6+ months and I still haven't seen any for sale. I am looking for a WRB colored, STI, years 08+ , DRIVER side mirror cap. That is just the cover the blue cover that goes over the side mirror. IF you happen to spot one for sale, at a junk yard, or...
  17. jojo69

    Evergreen mainelysubaru discount

    Hey, Is this 15% discount still in effect? I went for a service yesterday and the first lady had no idea, the second guy asked what "mainelysubaru was?" and finally the 3rd person who took care of payment also did not have any idea what that was but honored the disount regardless, which I was...
  18. jojo69

    lou's custom exhaust in Portland?

    Well I stopped by today as i drove by. Met the owner, Chris, who seemed like a nice guy and we chatted about his experience trying to make a name in the Portland area. He seemed open to work with customers on whatever they want and do it at a good price. I know Blehh used him last year but was...
  19. jojo69

    WTB: 05-09 Subaru Legacy GT Center Console

    Curious if anyone has or knows of a center console to buy coming out of a 2005-2009 Legacy. I'm really looking for the 05-09 legacy console top & 05-09 legacy coin holder but I'll get a full center console if need be. I'd like to change up my center console area and have the sliding 'sti'...
  20. jojo69

    Valuguard ABC system: anyone interested in purchasing some with me?

    I'm not sure I'll have takers here but, like the French say: "qui ne tente rien n'a rien"... aka, got nothing to lose by posting here So I've been wanting to get this decon system for a couple of years. After this winter and all the shit on the roads, I will likely pull the trigger but I can't...