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    Trade for diff set of wheels

    I have the 5 spoke 17" legacy gt wheels painted black in great shape, looking to trade for a different set of 17s.
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    Looking to buy a super tone horn kit if anyone has any they'd like to sell
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    Possible drop

    I put 17s on my 11 legacy today but got lots of wheel gap, would stock wrx springs from an 04 sedan fit my 11 legacy and possibly lower it a bit? I'm guessing prob not, but can't hurt to ask, thoughts??!!
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    ISO a set of 17" tires
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    wheels for sale

    Have my set of legacy 16" rims mounted on all seasons, tires are still in decent shape. $300 for the set Still have a stock wrx header $60
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    looking for a rim

    Looking for 1 of these motegi Mr7. 17"
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    wtb 5th gen legacy grill

    I'm looking for a grill for my 2011 legacy as a spare
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    I have a few things for sale Wrx manifold...bought too modify to gain rumble on my legacy. Put all new gaskets on it! Also have flange and o2 bungs to do the modification for an n/a. Got about a $100 into it Hella horns painted red, off my 05 leggy. $25 3 sets of hid bulbs, 6k, 5k both are...
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    caleb's 2011 legacy

    The time came to trade in my 05 legacy. Traded up for a 2011 legacy premium weather package. Already have a wrx header to install soon, got a magnaflow catback also. So far loving this car...
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    cold air intake

    Have a cold air intake for an n/a for sale. Bought it but never installed it. $20. I'm not sure of the name brand,
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    Subaru powered Honda

    i'll just leave this here
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    removing badge

    I thought about removing the oval Subaru badge on the trunk, will fishing line work on that or would it leave holes in the trunk??? Thanks. Cars an 05 legacy
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    iac valve

    Since I had my battery disconnected the other day to clear a cel, the legacy has been running like crap, low idle. And stalling out. I picked up some cleaner for it. Where exactly is it on the 05 legacy 2.5i??? Theres a couple plugs on the throttle body, don't wanna do the wrong one...
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    Where's the best place to mount the ballast for the hids??? I have an 05 legacyn
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    cleaning out shed

    I have an MVP superline 10" buffer polisher, brand new in the box. , $ 40 obo. Also have a baby bouncy seat, mounts on a doorway. $25obo. Also have a beach tent for a baby. $15 obo
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    bolts for wrx manifold

    When I bought my wrx header, it was apart and in 3 pieces and only has one bolt. Im looking for the rest of the bolts so I can bolt mine back together and install on my legacy. If anyone has these or know where I can get some??? Thanks
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    crossbars for roofrack

    Im posting for a friend of mine. She is selling some crossbars for an 08 hatchback impreza. She would like $175. She also has brandnew floormats. If interested pm me, thanks
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    front calipers

    Need to repkace my front calipers on my 05 legacy abd just wondering Is there a difference in calipers on the 2.5I legacy to the 2.5I impreza wagons??
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    wtt wingless for winged abp trunk

    Id like to trade my wingless trunk on my 05 legacy for a trunk with a wing! The color is Atlantic blue pearl
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    car show

    There's a car show this Saturday at the Topsham fairmall 3pm to 10 on!!! Anyone going???