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  1. Nicklaus220

    2002 Subaru WRX

    Understandable. Just invested well over 2k in the last year. trying to make something back. New Rotors New Brakes New Clutch New Tires New Struts/Shocks Have a wonderful day
  2. Nicklaus220

    2002 Subaru WRX Any offers will seriously be considered. Members will get a discount of course. Need Cash ASAP!!! Money talks. -Nick 207-242-9720
  3. Nicklaus220

    02 wrx wagon partout ...again

    Pm'd for trans price
  4. Nicklaus220

    Need Trans and Read Diff for 02 Wrx

    Looking for prices. Im not on here much so texts are very much welcome 24/7 Nick 207-242-9720
  5. Nicklaus220

    I Need To Borrow Stock 02 Wrx Downpipe

    I really need to borrow a stock 02 wrx downpipe to pass inspection willing to pay for the day. really appreciate your time 207-242-9720 Nicklaus
  6. Nicklaus220

    Unplugged Mass air flow ontop of intake?

    My 02 wrx has has the maf sensor unplugged since 150,000 miles. I can honestly say i get 32 mpg highway and 28 in city. When the sensor is plugged it my car does not start. i've bought numerous sensors to replace it but never starts while plugged in.
  7. Nicklaus220

    Group Drive 2012

    I Will be attending. +1 as well
  8. Nicklaus220

    Group Drive 2012

    Count me in with one co-driver Cant Wait!!
  9. Nicklaus220

    1995 Impreza L 1.8 5 Speed $800

    wanna sell the seats?
  10. Nicklaus220

    MS June Meet 2012

    I'll be in attendance.
  11. Nicklaus220

    Exclusive Meet - Saturday February 25th

    Live and run the streets of Gardiner. Will be in attendance
  12. Nicklaus220

    Outback Transmission

    Best offer takes it by tonight
  13. Nicklaus220

    Outback Transmission

    Still have, located in scarborough. Best offer takes it.
  14. Nicklaus220

    18 inch Konig Imagines

    Pictures ?
  15. Nicklaus220

    New Referral Cards are In!

    Thank You Carter
  16. Nicklaus220

    Lifting Buddy In Biddo

    wordd. I'll have to stop by sometime for sure and check it out.
  17. Nicklaus220

    Lifting Buddy In Biddo

    I live in scarborough on higgins beach and work at the comfort suites in biddeford.
  18. Nicklaus220

    Map Plug In

    my apologies. I believe so. not very car literate. I'll take some pics and get them up.
  19. Nicklaus220

    Map Plug In

    The Connector going into my cold air intake is melted. The previous owner tried to put a chip in it and it melted. will not plug into my sensor in my cold air intake or the car will shut off. Either looking for a totaled wrx I could grab it off or possibly snag one from someone on the forum. The...
  20. Nicklaus220

    1995 Yamaha Wolverine

    Love this. GLWS