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  1. AiRX

    02-07 and 11-14 WRX extras

    Prices are negotiable. Cash talks
  2. AiRX

    02-07 and 11-14 WRX extras

    OK guys and gals... here are my miscellaneous extra parts: (all of my 2011 parts only have 3 miles on them) Diamond plate floor mats  $50 Weather tech mats, front and rear  $100 5x100 5mm spacers  $20 Airbox delete elbo  $25 11 Sedan V-limited front lip-$125 Center console lids...
  3. AiRX

    02-07 Impreza right rear outer quarter panel

    I happen to have a 02-07 Impreza right rear outer quarter panel (don't ask me how). I looked it up and these things go for $650 new + shipping. The one I have is new in the big ass box. I'd like to get $400 just PM me or text my cell 4412450. I cannot deliver, so you'd have to pick it up here in...
  4. AiRX

    Augusta Mainely Meet: Tues., March 4th, 2014: Red Robin:

    Nice pics Elfie. Just glad I got up there before everyone left. Pretty impressive seeing all those Subies occupying Red Robins parking lot. Let's keep up the meets guys and gals... oh yeah you too Matt.
  5. AiRX

    Current Model WRX trunk lid w/ spoiler

    If it was WRB I'd do it.
  6. AiRX

    Potentially bringing back Augusta area meets

    As I stated on FB, I'd take on the Augusta/Waterville meets and maybe even some drift meets too.
  7. AiRX

    1999 impreza 2.5rs parts car or fix her up

    I am definitely interested! Matt doesn't need it... and I have room for it.
  8. AiRX

    2001 Subaru Impreza RS Coupe/ej205 Swap/ Silverthorne Metallic

    Matt You have room for this don't you?
  9. AiRX

    The Official Craigslist Thread

    I will be standing by. Interested in purchasing Snowball when he is available.
  10. AiRX

    Fall Group Drive 2013 - Back To The White Mountains!

    I'll be meeting you guys at the Gardiner rest stop. I cannot promise that I will drive 65... bahahaha!
  11. AiRX

    Fall Group Drive 2013 - Back To The White Mountains!

    Really bummed about that! I was looking forward to nailin the bear again.
  12. AiRX

    Meyagi's Supra

    Another Meyagi Masterpiece in the making! No I will not quote FNF!
  13. AiRX

    Winter mode ideas?

    So I have come to these winterizing solutions, per your input and research: I will be washing this thing at least twice a week and doing the engine bay every other week. Bumper cover, 1/4 hood, scoop, front roof, A pillars, rear door legs, wheel well edges and mirrors will be wrapped and...
  14. AiRX

    Winter mode ideas?

    Gonna finally drive the WRX this winter! Just looking for input on best way to protect my investment...
  15. AiRX

    Hello from Belgrade Lakes!

    Welcome to the group.
  16. AiRX

    ISO 44" Thule wind fairing.

    Found one! All set to remove this please.
  17. AiRX

    Best Subie Pic

  18. AiRX

    Wicked Big Meet 6-9-13

    We will be joining the drive down.