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    2015 WRX tires and parts

    Welcome to Mainely Subarus Can you upload a picture of what you're selling?
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    New WRX Owner

    Welcome from Augusta! Looking forward to seeing you around the forum.
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    Is your Subaru still your daily driver?

    I dig your wheels that looks pretty awesome, and a work horse for sure.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome @FluffedUpBunny. Glad to have you here - Have you looked on ebay at all? I found one for less than $75 shipped I enjoy my Legacy, so hopefully you can get some...
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    Is your Subaru still your daily driver?

    Awesome, do you have any pics of your ride?
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    What struts, fit what models

    I hear you - it does sound like it will be much of a height raise, but a stiffer ride. Hope that helps.
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    What struts, fit what models

    Per the quoted original post by @IBratmanI they should, just follow the guidelines mentioned.
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    Recent Add

    Welcome to the site! Glad to have you. Feel free to tell other folks about the site, we are trying to breath a little bit of life back into the site!
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    Ready for Spring!

    This last little bit of snow has me eagerly awaiting the warmer temperatures. Makes me never want to complain about a Summer being too warm. Makes me think about years ago when I had a Mustang, and I didn't put an AC compressor back in, so I could save a few bucks.
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    Black 2011 STi - Bangor Area

    Welcome Eric! Glad you decided to join us here! I haven't rode up to Bangor in a while - hope you are staying warm during this last bit of snow, hopefully for the season!
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    Best brakes for Subaru Legacy

    I'm coming up and about time to replace the front brakes on the Legacy. I've been looking around, and I've seen some really great reviews on some akebono act 929. Has anyone used these to replace their brakes? I like putting something reliable and quality that will ensure I stop when I need...
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    Mainely Subaru gear

    Sure, I am working on some decals. I can get a few shirts made for a test item. Any size in particular?
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    Is your Subaru still your daily driver?

    I really like that saying.
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    Is your Subaru still your daily driver?

    Is your Subaru still your daily driver?
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    The unofficial GUN talk thread

    This is my 1911 - It's a fun one that I enjoy shooting. I've kept it stock and it's accurate.
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    Community software update

    Welcome to the updated Mainely Subarus community! We've just recently changed the software - please let me know if you have any issues accessing the site! We are excited to bring this update to you, as it allows for easier mobile accessibility, and video uploads. Stay safe out there!
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    How did you find Mainely Subarus?

    Updated. @Chris
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    How did you find Mainely Subarus?

    Looks like the conversion took the name. I'll update it shortly.
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    How did you find Mainely Subarus?

    Well, I'm glad to have everyone here!