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  1. IBratmanI

    What struts, fit what models

    replied to your pm.
  2. IBratmanI

    Complete struts compatability

    Fronts will bolt in. Rears will require you to either swap your Imlreza struts tops over to the Legacy struts or drill a hole so that all 3 studs from the Legacy struts will line up.
  3. IBratmanI

    What struts, fit what models

    An easier swap, is 02-07 Impreza struts. They lower it the same, and no need to swap any top hats.
  4. IBratmanI

    What struts, fit what models

    Also, only 96-99 Outback struts will bolt onto 98-08 Foresters.
  5. IBratmanI

    What struts, fit what models

    Theyll bolt on, but outback springs are softer than Forester springs. It also would not add any lift. Might even lose a slight amount of height using outback suspension on a forester.
  6. IBratmanI

    Black 2011 STi - Bangor Area

    That used to belong to Wesley James. Not sure if he was ever on the forum though.
  7. IBratmanI

    What struts, fit what models

    Yes, they will work, but you will also need the rear subframe spacers to keep the suspension geometry happy.
  8. IBratmanI

    What’s the base model for a blob eye?

    We never got a non turbo 2.0 in the u.s. So the blob eye non turbo are all 2.5 engines.
  9. IBratmanI

    1982 GLF Hardtop restoration

    I may have a few parts kicking around still that would fit that. Feel free to ask if you need anything in particular.
  10. IBratmanI

    1982 GLF Hardtop restoration

    Congrats on the purchase. Not too many of those around anymore, especially on the east coast.
  11. IBratmanI

    Inspection sticker issues

    Unfortunately a cat is required in Maine. You can either try to find a box road shop that doesn't care, or get a carted downpipe and a retune, and get a sticker. Yoir other option is to just swap a stock downpipe on to get a sticker, and then swap your other one on afterwards.
  12. IBratmanI

    DIY: 2010 WRX brake pad/rotor replacement w/images

    Ryan, pm me and I can reset your password for your regular login name.
  13. IBratmanI

    Augusta Mainely meet, August 3rd.

    this was 2 years ago haha. I'll be planning some more meets soon though.
  14. IBratmanI

    WTB 1981 - 1989 Subaru GL (Hatchback, Manual)

    The one you posted a picture of is an 85-89 style. They made the same body up to 94. I have a couple of them but I don't think I could ever sell. But let me know if you find a decent one. Sadly, most of them are rusted away around here.
  15. IBratmanI

    Process West TMIC for 2011 WRX

    I'll link this to the Facebook page as well.
  16. IBratmanI

    Fall Drive?

    Haha that's my sister. Yeah, if you know anyone in the Facebook group, they can add you to the group! What's your name?
  17. IBratmanI

    Fall Drive?

    Yeah there's one set up for the Kanc. October 14th, 10am. Hannaford 797 Roosevelt Trail in Windham.
  18. IBratmanI

    Role call

    I usually check every day. Wish it was all on here.
  19. IBratmanI

    2006 WRX rebuilt heads was running great now not so much

    Check for any loose connections at the main harness plugs.
  20. IBratmanI

    timing belt/water pump/idlers replacement

    Yes he's still in business.