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  1. Brian Lowell

    Parts sale wrecked 2011 WRX :(

    Still have BOV? How'd it sound? Text me 207-620-2258
  2. Brian Lowell

    Brian's 2012 SWP WRX Limited

    Hey what's up, I really like what you did with the tail lights. I put in an order for a 2014 WRX and it'll be my first one so I'm somewhat of a Subie newbie. I've been looking around for ideas on mods and your tail lights are the only ones out there that I like because you only have the red...
  3. Brian Lowell

    Future Group Meets

    I cannot physically attend Wednesday meetings due to my work and personal schedule. If they could be on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night this would be a lot more helpful.
  4. Brian Lowell

    Distracted driver causes head-on Augusta collision driving a new WRX

    Anyone know this kid? I found his FB, apparently drives a brand new WRX he just bought on June 27th and was following a bit too close to the cars in front of him... Sucks, poor WRX! Glad he's okay though...
  5. Brian Lowell

    Mark Your Calendar!

    Will be there! Will be there!
  6. Brian Lowell

    M/S Annual Meet Dyno list!

    Okay great..!
  7. Brian Lowell

    M/S Annual Meet Dyno list!

    Ben, you make me sad. You going to at least just come down regardless?
  8. Brian Lowell

    Official Spring Group Drive May 26th,2013

    I will be going to this!
  9. Brian Lowell

    Subarudes 09 XT

    I really like that thing, damn. Nice job with it all.
  10. Brian Lowell

    A new way do donate!

    Great idea,
  11. Brian Lowell


  12. Brian Lowell


    Howdy, thanks for making a welcome post! Glad to have you aboard the community.
  13. Brian Lowell

    Hey Mainely Subaru's

    Welcome aboard!
  14. Brian Lowell

    Hello from central Maine

    Welcome aboard!
  15. Brian Lowell

    Hello Mainely!

    Welcome aboard!
  16. Brian Lowell

    Subie got us there

    Wow, congrats!
  17. Brian Lowell

    Spring group drive discussion

    I have never personally been a huge fan of the meet-ups on KMD. But that's my personal opinion/preference. The spring ride up to Sugarloaf does sound decent though, any other members have feedback on that or have done a drive there before around that time?