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  1. Jamey

    Process West TMIC for 2011 WRX

  2. Jamey

    MPG Problem

    4 days on a full tank is pretty good . No way would you get 500 miles on a tank . Unless your pushing the car I avg 25-28 city and rufly 30-32 on hw . This was on summer gas . Winter gas you will get worse millage this was on my 11 2.5i ..
  3. Jamey

    one year later

    short ram ? How much
  4. Jamey

    one year later

    So finely joined the boost club love this car got a nameless coming Friday..
  5. Jamey

    Parts Inventory

    You have short ram intake for 11 wrx?
  6. Jamey

    one year later

    8,000 in damage from hitting a deer at 70mph in Mass on Thanksgiving.. car is totalled wrx is in my future
  7. Jamey

    Marino's WRB 2005 WRX!

    my car is totaled so wrx may be in my future:)
  8. Jamey

    Marino's WRB 2005 WRX!

    sick pics/video what do you have for a bov?
  9. Jamey

    Hvac control removal

    Hey guys I have a 11 impreza trying to remove the center molding but can't figure out how to get the hvac controls off any one know?
  10. Jamey

    October 19th Portland Meet!

    Hmm maybe
  11. Jamey

    New Forester XT project

    Looks good man pearl?
  12. Jamey

    New Forester XT project

    easier to paint off car If your only painting the bumper. Was just wondering is all
  13. Jamey

    New Forester XT project

    Wouldn't it be easier to remove the bumper ..
  14. Jamey

    iwagons (girlfriends) ts

    When u buff them it takes off the protection so it won't stay clear
  15. Jamey

    04 Forester XT wheels

    My friend that bought gabes xt is looking for xt wheels
  16. Jamey

    Hi there! Glad to be here.

  17. Jamey

    Upgrading my 02 Subaru 2.5rs

    They make a supercharger kit for the 2.5i raptor there a company out of Australia found a shop in nh that can get them .was about to pull the plug on one but have head gaske leak .. so got to take care that first..
  18. Jamey

    Parts off my 2008 WRX

  19. Jamey

    Parts off my 2008 WRX

    I have a 12 type r now but like that enclosure,where are you located ?
  20. Jamey

    August 10th Portland Meet!

    I might be there .. I hate ther food tho lol