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  1. Tyler

    Heads for 03 Baja Turbo

    Hello, My Mom's car has a bad valve. I'm trying to help her out in getting the car running again. Does anyone have a set for sale? Thanks!
  2. Tyler

    Wheel Repair in Westbrook/Portland Area

    Gabe mentioned that Jamey or Matt would know of someone to repair wheels in the Portland area. I have a crack in my Rays wheel that I need fixed. Who should I go to?
  3. Tyler

    WTB: 2001 Legacy Sedan Rear Drivers Side Door

    As stated, I'm looking for a rear drivers side door for a 01 Legacy sedan. Black would be ideal, but let me know what you have.  Thank you!
  4. Tyler

    WTB: 04 STI rear ABS tone ring

    Anyone have one of these today by any chance? It's the grooved ring that attaches to the hub.
  5. Tyler

    WTB: 99 Forester front brake caliper brackets

    I'm looking for both front caliper brackets and possibly bolts for a 99 Forester. Thanks!
  6. Tyler

    WTB: 04 Forester Drivers Window Motor

    Let me know what you have!
  7. Tyler

    16" Wheels for '09 Impreza

    My little sis busted her hubcab on a pothole and now she's sad. She wants to get some real wheels ... what do you have available?
  8. Tyler

    Erratic Idle, help?

    So I'm having a little trouble with my car and until I can get my hands on a code reader, I was hoping I could get some ideas from you all. This happened out of the blue. The car was running fine and on the way to work, I tripped a CEL. I didn't really notice any difference until I got out of...
  9. Tyler

    What is this rattling noise from my suspension?

    I know it's nearly impossible to diagnose sounds over the web, yet here I am attempting to get some answers. My wrx has this fast rattling sound in certain conditions. If I'm at speed, rounding a very mild corner to the right, the sound comes from the rear passenger side. Every little crack...
  10. Tyler

    WRX td04 on 05 LGT?

    So what would this take, in terms of hardware?
  11. Tyler

    Best price on GroupN strut mounts?

    For my '03 WRX ... does anyone know of a place with a good price on these?
  12. Tyler

    Deal: 50% off NRA Basic Shooting Course with Coffee, Gun, and Ammo

    I posted this in the Gun Talk thread, but I realized a lot of people probably don't read that thread so I figured I'd post it here too. "$55 for an NRA basic shooting course with coffee, a gun rental, and ammo -- $110 value. This eight-hour class combines education in the field and classroom --...
  13. Tyler

    Turbocharged 2.0L Focus ST? Coming this year?

    This looks nice!
  14. Tyler

    WTB: '03 Bugeye Parts

    Updated! I'm looking for: Prodrive by OZ Centercap x1 - Silver new/almost new clutch/pressure plate/bearing new/almost new Group N strut mounts front passenger side wheel well plastic Let me know what you've got!
  15. Tyler

    FS: '03 Sonic Yellow WRX, $5500 obo

  16. Tyler

    WTB: 5mt for 2000 Forester

    Looking for a completely functional 5mt for a 2000 Forester. Lemme know what you've got!
  17. Tyler

    2002 LLBean Outback and 2002 Impreza Tailights

    I'm looking for the drivers side taillight for a 2002 Impreza Wagon, this part I need relatively quickly. I also am looking for a 2002 LLBean Outback taillight. I was told the panel that goes across the back of the vehicle was cracked so I need to get that whole part. Send me a pm if you have...
  18. Tyler

    bin Laden down?

    So ... apparently Osama is dead, though I'm still waiting for Obama to tell me what's up. What are you all thinking about this epic moment in history?
  19. Tyler

    Karting Fun?

    I know a lot of people on here have mentioned wanting to do a MS Karting day. I know some of you prefer one place over another, but this deal is really too good to pass up. Two people get 50 laps at Victory Lanes for $12 ... buy two...
  20. Tyler

    So I know I've asked you to vote before ...

    ... but Alicia and I are trying to win this contest for a sweet wedding because we're too poor to have a sweet wedding of our own. Would you mind helping us out? We need to catch up Repost from FB: Hey everyone! We're trying to win this contest, so we need all the votes we can get. You...