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  1. 42012RS

    97 Brighton Coupe

    I'm taking parts off this and scrapping it if anyone needs anything! 2.2 auto. Very rusty, not much good interior or exterior but something might be useful Sent from my Z837VL using Tapatalk
  2. 42012RS

    MY07 Forester

    Since my Impreza is going to have to get put on light duty for a bit, the Forester is finally getting a thread and some love.I picked her up last June with 134k miles from Quirk Cars by Us. Quirk had just gotten the car and hadn't had a chance to really look it over. I checked it out and drove...
  3. 42012RS

    04-05 Forester XT manual parts car

    I'm interested in getting a 4.44 setup out of an XT and would like to have a car to part out or keep spare parts off. Not in a rush, just throwing it out there to hopefully catch the right person's eye sometime in the next few months, before my transmission quits. Don't need turbo or motor but...
  4. 42012RS

    WTB: 2.5l motor(non-turbo but might take 255 block)

    Looking for ej251 block halves, can need machining. Will take a full motor but would like to stay under 300 bucks. Will consider the bottom ends of 253 or 255 blocks as well
  5. 42012RS

    5x100 Wheel Spacers

    Anyone have a set of four, Hubcentric and 25mm thick? Would also consider a set of 5x100 to 5x114.3 adapters, also hubcentric and 25mm. Sent from my XT556 using Tapatalk 2
  6. 42012RS

    Miscellaneous parts, sale/wanted

    I am going to use this as an ongoing sale thread. Ill try to put prices with items but I'll take offers on anything and I will do trades as well. Shoot me a text at 313 6583 if you're interested in anything or want pics. 04 RS stock header - 40 04-05 fog light plastic surround Have to check...
  7. 42012RS

    97-99 outback trailing arm brackets

    Looking for a set. Gonna be installing forester struts in the rs this weekend and would like to get em by saturday morning. If not i will probably make spacers Sent from my XT556 using Tapatalk 2
  8. 42012RS

    Fs/trade 97 cbr 600 f3i

    19319 miles, runs/sounds great. Might need a front tire because of messed up wear. Plastic is cracked from being dropped while parked. Honestly i know nothing about bikes, bought it last fall to ride this year and see if i get into it but im more interested in car parts/finding a commuter now...
  9. 42012RS

    15" wheels

    looking for a set of 15x6.5 to 7.5, 5x100 open to any type of wheel, as long as they will look good with grabbers. got up to $400
  10. 42012RS

    Cold Air Intake for N/A 2.5

    Looking for a cold air or short ram intake. Close to the bangor/waterville areas would be nice but I may go for a trip lol Thanks
  11. 42012RS

    Horn blares while turning left!

    Yeah, I was on my way home from work tonight and I left a stoplight turning left and my horn started blaring, had to press it for it to stop. Did it at almost every left turn, any one dealt with this? I am just going to pull the fuse or cut the power for now
  12. 42012RS

    MY04 RS

    Here's my attempt at documenting my cars maintenance and life in general, as you have noticed I fail at keeping up with this lol I've got a 2004 Impreza 2.5RS. I bought it in April 2012 with 120k even on her, a fresh clutch and a new starter. The there was one previous owner, before the shop...
  13. 42012RS

    New member in Brewer

    Met 07NAHWKI last night and he got me on here. I've got a black 04 RS, red grill and debadged. Mudflaps are off