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  1. drvsdwz

    WTB: Fuel injector for 2007 Outback 2.5i

    just as it says. need a fuel injector for my 2007 outback N/A. I have one that isn't seating, so when the vehicle is sitting, it bleeds off into the cylinder. text 207-991-30 six six Thanks in advance Justin
  2. drvsdwz

    $600 - CRV steel wheels STI fitment

    I have for sale 4 steel Honda CRV steel wheels 5x114.3 wrapped with Dunlop Wintermaxx tires 215/55-17 There is 90% tread left, even wear and these things grip great! I had these on my 2008 STI and they fit with no rubbing and cleared the brembos brakes. Also has aluminum hub centering rings...
  3. drvsdwz

    Floor mats and cargo mat

    Is there any interest to purchase All weather floor mats and all weather cargo mat for a 2008+ STi hatchback, or 2008 to 2014 wrx hatch, or hatch impreza 2008-2013? I have these in great condition. Need to know by sunday or they will be going with the car when it's sold
  4. drvsdwz

    Accessport V3 SUB-003 $575

    I have an Accessport BIG SCREEN for sale. Purchased in September, unmarried, no scratches. Comes with everything in the pictures, all firmware updated. $575 Mainely Price. Located in Bangor confirmed applications on...
  5. drvsdwz

    2005-2009 Outback wagon moonroof frame

    Just as the title states, looking for the frame that sets inside the roof, that the glass slides in. This is for the double moon roof Let me know of any leads!
  6. drvsdwz

    Mainely Dog thread

    Revival!!! This is our Chocolate Lab Chip! Got him back in October when he was 8 weeks old and boy has he been growing! Almost 6 months old now. First night we got him Couple weeks later About a month ago Today
  7. drvsdwz


    Twins! At Verizon wireless next to walmart in bangor.
  8. drvsdwz

    December Meet 2014: Margaritas St. John Street

    Join Mainely Subarus   10 December 2014   at   Margaritas Mexican Restaurant               242 St. John St. Portland, ME 04102   (207) 874-6444     Meet in the parking lot out back at 6pm   Go inside at 630pm          
  9. drvsdwz

    UNMARRIED AccessPORT V2 Sub-003 ($400)

    I am selling my V2 AccessPORT by COBB for $400 obro   I no longer need this anymore.   The confirmed vehicles that COBB supports for the SUB-003 are listed below     Subaru STI                              2008-2014 Subaru WRX                            2008-2014 Subaru 2.5GT                  ...
  10. drvsdwz

    Which wideband afr gauge?

    Some of you know, some of you don't. I have had my fair share of engine problems. Probably more than everyone combined on this site(minus Ryan Borque). Anyways, i'm trying to do some research and find a wideband AFR gauge that will work with my cobb accesstuner(make datalogging easier). the...
  11. drvsdwz

    Fall Group Drive 2014!!

    It's that time of year again. We are planning on another group drive up to the White Mountains! The date will be Sunday October 26th This seems to be a popular occasion within the club so we're sticking to the same route as last year. Plenty of scenery, twisty roads, and photo opportunities...
  12. drvsdwz

    Northern September Meet--Margaritas Orono

  13. drvsdwz

    Northern July Meet -- Bangor Sports Arena

    Join us at Sports Arena for bowling, billiards, arcade games, mini golf, food and beverages Saturday evening 6pm July 12 2014 There is plenty to do and a great family environment! 207-848-5850 1640 Hammond St, Hermon, ME 04401 Who's coming?!
  14. drvsdwz

    COBB v331 final map versions released 5 logs included

    not a bad boost curve a little dippage around 3600 rpm
  15. drvsdwz

    May Northern Meet 2014

    Hello all! This is open for discussion. Last month was kind of a bust as it was just Nate and I. This time I am leaving it all up to you guys. Location will be Bangor area, and you guys choose location and date. I won't be around for the next 3 weeks so this area is just for you!
  16. drvsdwz

    Not making peak boost

    ok, so i will be uploading a picture. It is hard to get at and requires removal of the intercooler. It attaches to the intake manifold at the underside near the throttle body. it is on the right side of the picture circled in purple. Sometimes that is the hose that will pop off(same as the 2008+...
  17. drvsdwz

    Northern Meet April 2014 Discussion

    Thinking tentatively April 26th. What do you think for Establishments? I know we mentioned Blaze, but realistically won't work for a large group. Possibly thinking Chili's. Post what you would like to do.
  18. drvsdwz

    PSA: Be careful of pinching wires when pulling motors

    This is being written up because I want everyone else to be aware. I recently had warranty work done on my 2008 STi that required pulling the motor because of ringlands. When I got the car back, the car was running perfectly! But wait...I discovered a new problem. My DCCD wasn't working...
  19. drvsdwz

    Northern Meet February 2014: Blaze

    BLAZE - Craft Beer and Wood Fired Flavors Friday February 21, 2014 18 Broad St. Bangor, ME 04401 (207) 922 - 2660 Meet behind downtown parking garage at 6pm Head inside at 630pm Let me know who we have coming!
  20. drvsdwz

    Northern Meet February 2014

    This thread is for discussing dates and locations for this months Northern meet. Start throwing out ideas!