08 Outback airbag light


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Wife's 08 outback keep having the airbag light in lower right hand corner of dash come on. 

It seems intermittent, as in it won't be on all the time and it goes off randomly. Usually will come on when she starts the car and will go off when she re-starts the car (it won't just go off or on while she is driving). There seems to be some similar issues with passenger airbag light but less frequent. 

Any thoughts on possible cause and fixes?

The few forum searches i did yielded some scary expensive potential repairs (i.e., bulkhead harness) or more simple 'maplight issues' due to potential faulty soldering of the led boards for that light (hxxp://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/66-problems-maintenance/42574-2006-obw-airbag-light-my-fix.html). 

So maybe start with checking

1) Are all the map light functioning? 

2) Check/wiggle the seat connection to see if possible loose connection? 

3) Try to bring it to mechanic when the light is on to diagnose possible code?

       a) If it is a code 26, then replace with new (preferably) or used maplight. See if problem goes away

If not code 26, troubleshoot more

4) ... 



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Ya check the seat connectors also when it's on try honking the horn čause the clock spring maybe faulty


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