1995 Impreza L 1.8 5 Speed $800


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I have decided to sell one of my cars, considering I don't own a house yet and I can't drive all of them at once. Back history: I bought this car in February of this year with plans to turn it into a rallyx car (that's why the interior is gutted, etc.) It is the perfect base for a project car, and for a 95, their isn't much rust on it. The car has 199,992 on the odometer right now, I averaged 30MPG on it when I was daily driving it.




It has:

-V1/V2 JDM hood and grill

-Momo Rookie seats

-Legacy wheels with BF Goodrich tires (I forget which brand, but they have 80/90% tread still.)

-WRX dual tip exhaust

-Ebay CAI

-Ebay Short throw and knob

The car will also come with calipers/rotors/ and pads to do rear brake conversion from the awful drum brakes that are on their now. I'll even throw in some mud flaps to start your rally career.

Issues I know about:

-It could use an oil change.

-Exhaust has a leak and needs a gasket to be fixed.

-The tail lights don't come on (I think it's a poor ground, I've changed the sockets and the bulbs to no avail.)

-The previous owner said it needs a power steering pump. Meyagi said it needs a a different part I can't remember. At any rate the steering is hard, feels like their is no power steering.

-The car is not quick by any measure, but it is a good platform for someone wanting to get into rally.

I was going to fix these issues but I lost interest in the project and am now focusing on my RS, and my beater LGT.

I want to get $800 for the car, or $600 without the Momo seats (I will put my stock Legacy GT seats in). I'm not parting this out (their isn't that much in it anyway), I have the title, and it's inspected til' March. If anything it could just be driven until the sticker runs out. Any questions PM me, thanks for looking.




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Too bad my wife and I just had a baby. I would be all over this for a new project! Any pictures of the rust? GLWS!



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I don't have any pics of the rust, because it's just surface rust under the car, and not horrendous at that. The typical quarter panel rust isn't even there.



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wanna sell the seats?
Car is pending sale, and I am putting stock seats in, so yes I will sell the seats. I would like to get $200 for the seats, but trust me when I tell you they are not comfortable at all. PM me if ya want.



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I might just hold onto them, and put them in the RS for when I want to hate driving a car again.



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I mean, in terms of handling, road feel, etc, they are without a doubt the best seats I've sat in. However, they are exactly what Mr. Magoo said in terms of comfort. Would be good for the occasional amateur rally/autox or if you enjoy harming your back. Not for anyone with a waist size of 36" or greater. I typed something else, but I decided to delete it, because I've had problems with my posts being altered (because they were too hilarious and awesome apparently).



Unless you're racing, solid seats aren't worth it. I've done plenty of group drives and autox/rallyx on OEM toilet seats and they're good enough....


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