(2) 2002 WRX transmissions-$150 each


(2) 2002 WRX transmissions. Would recommend a rebuild, as these were bought to use for parts when chasing down a noise in my car, which ended up being a busted center diff unit. Neither has been taken apart. Both will at least need center diff units- one has broken spider gears, and the other diff made it's way into my '02 wrx.

$150 each

Also have all 4 '02 halfshafts, driveshaft, shifter, and pedal assy.....Feel free to make an offer.



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<1.8 liter
I could guess these are the 200hp trans...

I am liking the taller than normal fifth gear ratio, that is about all...


may as well post what I found, good luck on a sale.



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hey Ryan...been meaning to call you about these transmissions,but I've been crazy busy. I am interested to know what I would have to do to use one of these with both my ej25 and eventually my eg33. I will try to call you about it soon,but if you want to call me about it,pm me for my phone #. Thanks