2004 WRX - $3000


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I'm selling my 2004 WRX, "Ghost". I bought the car used at about 180k miles. I lost compression in one cylinder around 240k miles and installed a used JDM EJ205 engine (details below). The car comes with a Perrin catless up-pipe and a complete Cobb exhaust (down-pipe and cat-back). This exhaust alone is around $1500. The cars GROWLS!! It has snow tires installed now, but comes with a set of summer tires as well.

JDM engine installed by Wicked Performance in Manchester, NH. (http://www.wicked-performance.com/)
Engine was purchased from J-Spec Auto in Virginia. (https://www.jspecauto.com/)
The replacement engine had around 60k on it, so now has around 95k on it.
Work done at installation:
Oil pan and pickup tube
Timing belt kit (all pulleys, tensioner, and belt)
Spark plugs and wires
Engine mounts
Water pump and gaskets
Radiator and hoses
Clutch disc, pressure plate, and bearings
Street tune the ECU

This is my daily driver, not a show car or a street racer. I drive it to work and back, it doesn't get driven hard. Mechanically, it is in great shape with NO check engine light. The five speed is original and the synchos are getting tired. It works fine, but does not like quick shifts under load. Not an issue for daily driving, only noticeable when showing off.

Cosmetically, it looks like it has 275k on it. The windshield just got chipped last week and has a crack running along the bottom. ($275 quote from Portland Glass installed.) The paint has chips and scratches. Right front wheel well liner needs to be replaced. There are rust spots starting at the rear wheel fenders (typical Subaru location.)

The only serious problem with this car is the rocker panels. They rusted out under the plastic rocker panel trim and the local repair guy did a half-ass job at fixing it by replacing the outer panels and leaving the inner. They are now rusting out to the inside and need to be completely removed and new inner and outer welded in. I've been patching them with spray foam and Bondo for inspection, but long term they need to be replaced.

My sticker is good until the end of May. If the car doesn't sell before then, I'll patch the rocker panels again and sticker it for one more year. I'm selling it with the goal of getting a newer WRX this summer.

If you have a nice WRX body with a blown engine, this is the car for you. If you want a cheap WRX and have some time and welding skills to re-work the rocker panels, that would work as well.

I am NOT interested in parting the car out. If you want to buy it complete and part it yourself, five me a call.

(Search for this car on Craigslist for complete photos.)