2010 WRX hatch 113,500 $14,500 so I can upgrade


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I have been approved for a 2017 STI but loan is only good for 30 days and expires and I need to sell my car. So let's do this 2010 Silver WRX Premium 5-door hatch with 113,500+ for what close to what I owe, $14,500 and I'll post a couple picks so you know I'm eating some of the loan myself selling at $14,500 pretty firm. Help me out!!! Lol. Only thing wrong is a scratch down the right side, previous owner from when I bought it about 4-5 months ago. Clean retail is $15,225, I'm selling under what I owe which payoff for the bank lien holder is $14,700 and willing to eat the couple hundred difference if need at $14,500 to get my STI!!! Plus my wife would be happy that I finally shut the bleep up about an STI!!! Lol. Serious buyers and need to sell quick. Completely stock, no codes or alarms, ready to go with good tires and everything. Get at me at 2074496347 time is limited and I want an STI and to stop bothering my wife already, she is ready to kill me!!! Bump/share/post/spread the word, let's sell so I can upgrade already!!!