225/50-16 Tires on 16x6.5 Rims


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As the title says I'm wondering if stock 16x6.5 rims will hold 225/50-16 tires, Tire rack says Rim Range is 6-8 inch, Looking at the bfgoodrich sport comp 2 tires.


I've read various forums with mixed results, some say they won't fit, some say they will fit.

Even the Wheel offset and Tire Guide in on Mainely has conflicting information.

This is conflicting since the 2005+ 2.5i rims are 16x6.5?

and it also depends on what kind and size of tire you want to run as well (and that can get messy). But to be on the safe side, here is the tire widths you can put on each rim:
195mm = 6.5", 7" and 7.5"
205mm = 6.5", 7" and 7.5"
215mm = 6.5", 7", 7.5" and 8"
225mm = 7", 7.5", and 8"
235mm = 8", 8.5", and 9"
Once you decide on the rim size, the tire width you want to run, here are your final tire choices. Note that not all tires are built the same way, so sometimes you'll find two different tire models with the same size (225/45/17), but one can fit on a 7" rim, while the other one will need a 7.5". You'll have to look around the manufacturers' specs on sectional width of the tire.. normally you want your rim width be no more than 1.5" less than the tire's sectional width. For example, if you have a 8" wide rim, your tire's sectional width shouldn't be more than 9.5" or you'll have to deal with the flex on the tire sidewalls. Most performance driving set ups are 1" difference (ie. a 8" wide rim with 9" wide tire). Below I listed for you by rim diameter of which I recommend running with some notes on each tire with notes to go along with them as well:
16 in. rims (for 2.5i, 2005-on) only:
195/60/16 (great for snow rally or snow use)
205/55/16 (OEM sizing which is also good for some non-tarmac surfaces)
215/55/16 (oversized for the rim protection, but very sloppy sidewall handling)
215/50/16 (wider footprint used for more daily driving without harsh gas consumption)
225/50/16 (great for autocrossing, still usable for daily driving all year round)
Any info or opinions would be appreciate. 


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It works, I've seen it done many times. It's not optimal, the bulges in some, but it's not unsafe or anything.

You might want to just stick with a 205 55 16. I have the the sport comp 2 in that size and they handle really well.


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I've run 225/50-16s on GC RS coupes & sedans, bugeye rex wag, and blobeye rex wag, no problems on any of them. Clerance @ rear strut spring perches on the GC was pretty tight, tho. Used stock RS 6-spoke 16 x 7s on all, I love those wheels and have had many sets on many diff cars.

Some tires run extra wide for a given size, and this could screw things up. I recently put Yoko S-drives on my GC sedan. Went with stock size, and glad I did. The 205 Yoks are every bit as wide as my old Pirelli PZero Nero 225s. EVen with the 205 Yoks, clearance at rear strut spring perches is minimal, think spacers or diff offset wheels would be needed to run Yok 225s.



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Thanks for the input, I went ahead and got the 225/50r16 Bfgoodrich g-force sport comp 2's. Cost me $305 for 4 tires. Now I'm excited for summer lol.