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Do you mean the Nate knob and are you positive the recirc hose is a sti fitment one
Yes that knob, and it's not for the forester xt. Same as the 02-07 wrx/04+ sti one we just ordered for my sisters car for the new sti intercooler.

I'll text you a pic tomorrow



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Ok cause there is a diffrents between the 2.0L wrx one and a 2.5L sti one cause of the diffrent throttle body positions and the throttle body on the sti is larger so the hose has a bit more of a curve and is a little longer then the wrx one



Subaru Ambassador- AdidaSubarus
It would have been left over from when I did the the sti intercooler on my xt and then swapped to an aftermarket one when I swapped the intake manifold.


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