Best winter tires on a college budget


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I recently bought a set of wheels for summer, but as summer is winding down I am now looking for a set of winter tires.  As I am at college, my budget isn't the largest, but I am looking to get the most bang for the buck. Any information on tire companies to look at/ where is the best place to buy would awesome.

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I have always liked the General Altimax Arctic (non studded) for their performance/price. Had them on several different cars and have found they performed great for the price and lasted several seasons. 

in terms of purchasing location, I've always done the online thing, usually Tire Rack. 

Good luck! 

General Altimax Arctic is what I've always run. I get them studded due to having hills that like to ice up around. I even took the studs out of one set after winter and ran them until I could afford new summer tires.

I normally buy at one of my local tire places for the guarantee/free rotations but Tire Rack is doing specials on them right now. There are a few reliable shops in the Orono area.

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Gabe aka Subarude.  He can usually provide a set of snow tires on wheels for 200/300.  We only really need snow tires 4 months or so, so they last for a few years. 

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Have found that the tire guys at the local VIP here in Rockland actually know their shit pretty well and will match Tire Rack prices.



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Last winter I bought a set of Nitto's from Wally-world, cost me $99 per tire, plus mounting and balancing. There pretty good, I like that fact the the sips in the blocks of tread are almost the same depth and the actual tread, as opposed to some other winter tires i looked at.



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Last year I was looking for 225/55/17 snows for my XV and checking  all the on line sites and checked Sears as well. To my surprise I was able to get the General `s for over $100.00 less delivered to the Sears store in Portland than Tire Rack delivered price to my home. I have been buying tires from Tire Rack for 20 years and this really surprised me.



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Artic claws from VIP are actually some pretty decent snows. I ran winter forces last season and my impression of them were meh. Got a free set of something's so I'll run those this year. Skinner the better in the snow



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buy used craigslist snow tires, theres some great deals. i got 4 like new studded pirellis for the brat last winter for $50



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Best Cheap: Firestone Winterforce

Best Expensive: Nokian Hakapellita

Studded if possible, I like 195's for width, although I would try to get skinnier if I could.



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I was very pleased with my Goodyear ultra grip winters. My set are 195-65/15 on steelies if you're interested



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Winterforice.  Done and Done.  Great tire that does not need studs.  All they do is make a racket. Also, cheap.

I have some Blizzaks now That I got on sale, my second set.  Great tires as well.


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