Car Will Turn Over, Will Not Start


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Hello Everyone,

I was hoping that maybe you guys/girls could shed some light on what I may be over looking.

Drove my car all day long a week and a half ago. Fuel was on the lower side (a little less than quarter tank left), I had to pick up the wife so I didn't have time to get gas first. PIcked her up, started the car, A/C was cranking, moved about 10 feet, car sputtered once and died. Wouldn't start. It keeps turning over and that's it.

So I had it towed and when I tired to fire it up again, I realized I couldn't hear the fuel pump cycle on. My WRX has 130xxx on it so I figured, ah ha! That's it! So I ordered a new fuel pump and filter, replaced it last night and it's still doing that same thing. My battery seems to be strong and I couldn't find a fuse anywhere for the fuel pump. Could the relay be fried or something more sinister?

Any help would be appreciated.




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Does the pump cycle now? It may just need to prime. Cycle the key to on about 5-10 times. Dumb question but have you filled your car yet?



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The pump does not cycle now. I put my face right next to the relay behind the glove box and I can hear that click over when I turn the key to start. I tried cycling the key a bunch of times too, still no dice. I have put about 4 gallons of gas in the tank so I'm up over a quarter tank now. (And that isn't a stupid question, haha). I removed the access panel for the fuel pump and disconnected the fuel in and out lines to see if there was any fuel coming through, there isn't. So I think it has to be something with the pump. Just dreading having to remove it again, kind of a PITA.

Stupid sidebar. When I tried turning the car over 3 or 4 times, my battery died. Literally just clicking. Could the battery not be providing enough power to cycle the fuel pump? Everything else works fine, the blower starts up, my lights stay are strong, radio works. Pretty deeeeern puzzled.



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Pretty sure, it was just a plug and play wire harness off of the stock onto the Walbro. I just checked the power to the harness and it was showing 3v, too low? haha

P.S. On my way to get a new battery. I've owned the car for 6 years and haven't changed the battery yet. Hopefully this works.

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Soooooo, the new battery wasn't the fix. Long story short, after some very impressive linking of swear words and empty threats to my precious car, I decided to take it to the shop I always use. They finally got back to me and, I'm embarrassed to say this, but it was a fuse.

I checked every damn fuse in the car and got so fed up that I breezed through the fuses under the hood. 

Moral of the story, check fuses first.

Thank you all for your help though!

P.S. I have a perfectly functional stock fuel pump that looks brand spakin new that will be listed for sale very soon!