case of mistaken identity


so had an alarm guy come over to the house today to get service set up. well he pulls into the driveway with a outback so i was thinking cool a subie guy. well as he was leaving he pointed to my car and asked if that's myne. i said yup that's my toy. he then says" oh i like it ive always liked mazda's"
i had to inform hit it was a subie. lol thought it was funny

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yeah me too. I don't really like the front bumpers on the new Mazdas, but I like the lines on/from the side of the car.



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Well you have to remember that the mazda is only 23k and its 270hp. So for about 12k more you can get an sti with no nav or bbs. I would still take an sti no doubt but the mazda is a good deal.