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I'm sure there is a thread somewhere in here for dyno shops, but I just couldn't find it.  Granite state or Kinetic?  I was looking at their sites and Kinetic seems to be geared more towards Subaru's than Granite state.  Looking to get a pro tune.  I have a 2009 WRX Hatch running with a Q300 cbe, Invidia DP and Cobb SF intake and AP.  Using the Stage 2 map w/lwg, still will over boost and throw a code at around 6k rpm. What can I expect for output with a tune and can they fix the over boost issue?  

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I don't know the difference between the two shops other than reading good reviews on both.
I have personally been at GSD and have seen many subaru's go there and come back satisfied. I don't know that one is "better" than the other, they are both good reputable shops to get a tune. 



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I've been to Granite State Dyno a few years ago, and was very satisfied with the experience.

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