Forum issue on droid


Pascifist Patriot
From my droid x2 its no longer letting me reach the full (what I prefer) site. I have the button that says full version but when I tap on it nothing happens. Same with if I tap and hold untill the menu pops up, then press open. Nada.

Hope that makes enough sense, mabey some other members have been experiencing issues.



New member
Just checked on my iPhone 4gs and I get the same thing. Tapatalk app works just fine though



DRiVe SiDeWayZ
I have no problems at ask with the Droid. I am posting this on my Droid on the full sure right now actually. Check your browser settings on your phone so it doesn't prefer mobile sites.



DRiVe SiDeWayZ
i just did some testing on my phone, and you need javascript enabled to access the full site. You should also "Enable Plug-ins" set to always on for full functionality.



This place pretty much runs on javascript.

Is anyone still having issues?

Moving thread to Support, Suggestions and Feedback sub-forum


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