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Hey, not sure what to write here, new to Subarus, been a Datsun Toyota guy all my life. I do almost all my own repairs on my vehicles. I will say I was a hater before my GF got a 1998 Subaru Forester, but now I find myself really enjoying her car. So much I’ll be getting my own in the future. As of right now it’s all stock and ugly, but I already have the 2” ADF strut spacers and extended trail arms, I went with the Monroe quick struts for the front, and ordering 2nd gen KYB struts for the rear, with Moog 1st gen springs and 1st gen KYB strut mounts.. Asked Bratman what bellow and bump stop to use in the rear, 1st or 2nd gen, haven’t heard back yet, if anyone else knows please let me know! Thanks for all your guys wisdom and write ups!

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