Honda has plans for the FR-S and BRZ?


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agreed.  I suspect a Honda DOHC will hold together longer and take more abuse than anything subaru engineered.


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the more "less is more" cars that come to market, the less we hates it and more we likes it.

my 36-year-old 911 has 'only' 175 hp, but since it weighs under 2300 lbs (no AC, no sunroof, no subwoofas, crank windows, manual seats, aluminum lugnuts, magnesium engine/trans case etc etc) it goes like Holy Freakin Hell. The car is truly scary fast, and those who know me know I don't scare easily.

As for new Honder...less shit bolted onto car  x  decent hp + no roof = Big Smiles

remember a basic equation of fun driving: taking 100lbs off the car is same thing as adding 10 hp. think about that for a few. weight is the enemy of fun, ok?!

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