In before the close!


Last person to post before this thread closes will receive a $20 store credit along with $20 in RallySport Direct gift cards. We might throw in a couple of decals of your choice from the store as well, and the value of the prize can go up!

Now for a few rules!

All posts must be Subaru related in order to win. You can talk about whatever you want, but If the thread is closed and the last person talks about cheeseburgers and Justin Beiber, you won't qualify for a win. The person above you will and so on and so forth.

This contest could go on for 4 hours to 4 months! Who knows what will happen!!!

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Saw a deer on a back road, beeped with my hellas and it just stared at me.. Not the reaction I expected



If you're about to hit a deer in your subaru, aim for the butt. You're less likely to hit them because they can't back up, and might run forward out of your way.


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