Is your Subaru still your daily driver?

Is your Subaru still your daily driver?

  • Yep

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  • No, it's just my weekend fun car

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Oh yeah. Reliability is stellar. 72k and no mechanical issues whatsoever. Have a Torklift hidden hitch and love it. Will need brakes done soon.


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Mine: 2017 Impreza Premium (trading for a 2019 Crosstrek Premium next month).
Wife: 2004 Baja Sport (200k).
Daughter: 2017 Impreza Base.
Daughter: 2016 Legacy Base.
Son: 2001 Forester L (160k).

So, yeah!


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Well........ The 06 WRX FINALLY gave up, after 230k on the orig motor, chunks of aluminum in the oil pump screen, from a broken pickup tube....then, the head gasket let go.... still runs, just makes a noise like a coffee can of rocks being kicked down the road...... So, we got a 2005 3.0R sedan....


I have missed mainely subarus for a goodly long time. Sadly I don't live in maine or have a running subaru anymore.... but this group got me into cars.


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The 5th Subaru I've had since 1985. This one is now 9 years old and still runs great and looks great, although we noticed a little rust on the fender today. It's my daily...


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Yep. It's my daily and only. 2007 WRX with a little over 160,000 mi. Have eased up a bit on throttle and adventure to make it last, but still loving it. Has been on the receiving end of a few dings. A coyote pursuing a deer was a little too Wiley for me. RIP, poor guy... : (


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14 forester manual, small lift. Gets at least 50 miles a day. Had new short block (oil consumption) and 3 ball joints and a strut mount this spring, but i blame these amazing roads:rolleyes: gf is running a bugeye on grabbers with forester struts. That thing has honestly been a peach.


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2018 Crosstrek all day every day. Trying to talk my mom into getting rid of her Accord coupe and have her get an Impreza or even a Crosstrek. on my 3rd Subaru and will only have Subarus from now on. Every day is better in a Subaru!

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