M/S Annual Meet Dyno list!


Less than a month away and time to make the dyno list.

There will be over twice as many AWD dyno runs this year! To be officially placed on the list and to make it fair, PM me direct to get on the list. This is a first come first serve basis. 15 AWD slots are immediately available with a reserve of 5. Dyno runs cost $80 each.

UPDATE: I have some updated news for the M/S annual meet and dyno day! I have talked to Alex at GSD and he has made a gesture just for us.

Those of you who were not going to run the dyno due to price have no reason not to dyno your car now. If we can get 10+ members to sign up for the dyno, your 3 pulls on the dyno will only cost you $60. If 15 or more members sign up for the dyno, your 3 dyno pulls will be $50!!

PLUS if you dyno and return later for a dyno tune at GSD your initial tune is $400 making your dyno run FREE. How can you lose?? (RICK PROSSER IM TALKING TO YOU)

  • 2point5rsDan
  • urabusturbo
  • blmpkn
  • korebit
  • blehhh
  • smitty257
  • 07NAHWKI
  • bperry41
  • george
  • AirX

Also for the first time this year there will be 2WD dyno runs are well. 15 2WD slots are immediately available. The same goes for the AWD dyno list, PM me to be placed on it, first come first serve.

  • bigsxy
  • korebit
  • Peter Eckstein
  • Jeromy
  • Mike Eckstein
  • Acky

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so do i bring the legacy or the lexus this year..... hmmm. or the ken block car and make the stg2 wrx guys cry a little



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The LGT is on the list! 

Want to get a baseline while it's still stock and make sure the new motor/turbo setup is putting out the appropriate numbers.


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