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Subaru Ambassador- AdidaSubarus
Alright everyone, we finally have t-shirts to offer to our members!! This is a pre-order, so if you'd like to order a shirt, please send me a message with the size and color you'd like, and I'll send you the payment info! The following pic shows the size and color options, along with the design. As well as a picture of the shirts we got to test them out! Shirts will be priced at $15 for men's sizes up to XL, and $17 for 2XL and 3XL, as well as women's cut shirts. Thank you!



Subaru Ambassador- AdidaSubarus
First Pre-order:

Josh McGerigle- 1Mens Black XL PAID

Jarret Weigel- 1 Mens Black XXL, 1 Mens Black XXL, 1 Womens Pink L PAID

Meaghan Day- 1 Mens Teal XL, 1 Mens Navy XL (Cash in Person) PAID

Brycent Cross- 1 Mens Black XL PAID

Wesley James- 1 Mens Black M PAID

Curtis Bowie/Amber Woods- 1 Mens Black XL, 1 Womens Blue L (Cash in Person) PAID

Eric Garate- 1 Mens Black 3XL PAID

Rachel Glynn- 1 Mens Blue M (Cash in Person) PAID

Rat Bait- 1 Mens Black 2XL  PAID

Samantha Vento- 1 Mens Black S, 1 Mens Pink S (Cash in Person) PAID

Lynne Flagg- 1 Mens Pink 2XL, 1 Mens Black 3XL PAID

Kyle Tozier- 2 Mens Purple L (Cash in Person) PAID

Dan Conley- 1 Mens Blue XL PAID

Garrett Storer- 1 Mens Blue L (Cash in Person)

Josh Harrington-1 Mens Black XL (Cash in Person) PAID

Brian Frazell- 1 Mens Black XL PAID

Craig Beal- 1 Mens Black XL, 1 Mens Blue XL (Cash in Person)PAID

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