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Hi everyone - I had huge dreams many years ago of doing quite a build on my 2011 STi, and some of them just never came to fruition...My mistake results in BRAND NEW parts being available for discounted prices to you! All prices below are negotiable. Please do your research to figure out if the part is right for you...I'm not a parts dealer. The below prices are based on in person sales...additional charge will be assessed for shipping. Again these are all brand new parts in the box, never used or installed. I have a 2011 STi (sedan), and I confirmed at the time of purchase that these were the appropriate parts. I know a lot of these parts fit the WRX models.

1) Go Fast Bits - recirculating by pass valve mach 2 TMS - Black - Part #T9103 - $150 - REDUCED TO $110
2) DeatschWerks DW65c Series Fule Pump w/install kit - Part #DET 9-652-1008 - $120 - REDUCED TO $90
3) Tial - MV-S external waste gate - 38MM - RED - $275 - REDUCED TO $235

DM for photos if you want. They look just like the images on the web though.
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