My new 98 Forester S


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Mod list:

4.5" front/5"rear ADF Mammoth lift

SG rear struts w/SF springs

215 70 16 General Grabbers on stock wheels. 235 70 16 Hankook Dynapro atm on Sparco Terra wheels.

25mm hubcentric wheel spacers

Curt trailer hitch

Yakima Loadwarrior roof basket

JDM mesh grille

JDM rear hatch spoiler

JDM clear corners

JDM red hazard button

JDM tail lights

JDM rear hatch garnish

Rockblockz flaps

2000 STi JDM front strut bar

Tsudo header and test pipe

OBX cat back

Kartboy exhaust hangers

Pioneer touch screen head unit

Factory option carbon fiber radio/shifter trim

Compass gauge pack

05 WRX front seats

Hella Supertones

Factory front brush guard

Hella 500 lights


Subaru hood wind deflector

Yup, I bought car number 6 from Gabe. While at his place dropping off some parts, this caught my eye. It's a rust free 98 Forester S. Has a few dings and scratches, and sun baked paint, but no rust at all. Being an S it has heated seats, heated mirrors, and rear disc brakes. It also has a rear diff skid plate. Gabe resealed the motor, and changed the tranny fluid, as well as serviced the brakes, put good tires on it, and replaced the leaky front struts.

Since he delivered it, I've started swapping parts from my other Forester onto this one. Here's a few pics of what it looked like when I got it, and what it looks like now.



Also swapped over my 6 disc head unit, retractable cargo cover, JDM STi front strut bar, and SPT oil cal. It'll also be getting the window visors along with a rear wind deflector that Gabe threw in with the car.

I have 2" front and 2.5" rear (so I don't have to use saggy butt spacers) lift blocks on the way, along with a new trailer hitch. After the lift gets installed, I'll be able to swap the Grabbers on as well.

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Installed. New trailer hitch. It's a Curt, rated at 3500lbs. A bit more than I was expecting.

And this is a pic of the lift blocks that are being made for me by Anderson Design and Fabrication. First of their kind. 2" front, and 2.5" rear to prevent the saggy butt, and so saggy butt spacers aren't needed. They're also camber correct.



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The lift showed up yesterday. Now I just have to find the time to put it in, and swap the rear struts from the other Forester at the same time.



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I'd love to see feedback on the anderson lift kit. I started following him on instaspam and was interested in getting a kit for my legacy (after a new motor of course).



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I'd love to see feedback on the anderson lift kit. I started following him on instaspam and was interested in getting a kit for my legacy (after a new motor of course).
I already have some of his lift blocks. I can tell you right now that he builds some really good stuff. He is awesome to deal with, and his lifts are better than anyone else in the U.S. as far as I'm concerned. And his prices beat most as well, while still being the strongest. Some have said he doesn't powder coat his stuff. Well that's true, but his prices reflect that, and the quality is still top notch. I'd rather have a camber correct, well built lift block, over a powder coated spacer any day. Don't hesitate ordering from him.

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No Jamey. Lol. Been there, done that.



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It's been a while since I've been on here! I'm just here looking to buy/sell a couple of things and thought I'd browse around a bit!



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First of all, I saw this and the loyale all over instagram. Anderson Design was right in love with the both of them.

Second, the cars looking awesome!

Third, who is the weenie that didn't back in like everyone else?
Haha yeah they're all over facebook as well. Thanks! I'm actually not sure what his name was!

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