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Here's my attempt at documenting my cars maintenance and life in general, as you have noticed I fail at keeping up with this lol

I've got a 2004 Impreza 2.5RS. I bought it in April 2012 with 120k even on her, a fresh clutch and a new starter. The there was one previous owner, before the shop, who seems to have taken pretty good care of it. Since I bought it, she hasn't had it so easy.

This car is my weekday and weekend warrior, it's fun and I owe her some love lol



05 EJ253 bored to 100mm, 181k

Stock crank, polished 181k

Stock rods, balanced 181k

OEM Bearings 181k

JE 11.5:1 Forged pistons 181k

02 EJ251 Heads, rebuilt 181k

Cometic 1.25mm Head gaskets 181k

Stock 04 2.5RS oil pump 181k

OEM 06 STi oil pan, pickup, baffle, dipstick 181k

Gates TCKWP304 181k

Napa 04 RS flywheel 181k

Custom warm air intake, to be snorkel. Uses Spectra 4" filter tube, and part of an eBay WRX cold air kit

eBay Borla rep header, wrapped

Eastern catalytic 2004 RS OE Cat pipe

Stock cat back modified, no resonators, 30" cherry bomb glass pack for a muffler

Supertech 5w-30 Conventional


Stock 04 RS

Exedy OEM clutch kit 181k

Valvoline 80w-90 187k(trans + diff)


05 Forester XT struts and springs 160k

Stock otherwise


Junk Valor head unit

Trimmed fenders

Battle scars


225/70R15 Grabber AT2s on

15x7 +0 Bassett Racing steelies

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I took away some pics clearing this post but it's going to be my table of contents and future pics

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I drive all over Bangor and surrounding areas and I'm in Waterville a few times a month. Its black, I'm not sure if 04 is jbp or obp... can anyone clarify for me?

                                                                                                 EDIT: I assume obp, as i just read jbp was sti only. i've never noticed any gold flake

also I'm gonna try and clean up the interior tomorrow and get the last couple pieces in.

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Well, worked at replacing the rear brake pads today as my passenger rear was makin all kinds of noise, tore if off and it was down to bare metal. Caliper was frozen too, driver side pads were worn maybe a 1/16" from new. tried three different Duralast calipers with my old banjo bolt and a brand new one, but neither wouldn't fit. hoping to pick a caliper up at Carquest tomorrow. Gonna change my diff and tranny oil and my clutch fluid, then my brake fluid tomorrow when they're back together

Royal Purple 75W-90 in the rear diff

Valvoline 75W-90 in the tranny

Valvoline Dot 3 & 4 Synthetic brake fluid



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Looks good, my favorite body impreza.

Why royal purple in the rear pumpkin but valvoline in the tranny?



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"Why royal purple in the rear pumpkin but valvoline in the tranny?"

Honestly, I do not know. haha It just happened that that was what I bought.

Ended up not changing the power steering, rear diff or clutch.

Couldn't get the fill plug out of the diff with the impact and its not making any noise so I didn't bother. Clutch fluid will be changed soon with the valvoline brake fluid and I'm going to change the power steering when i get some hose to siphon it out. No problems with them so I'm not too worried yet.

Starting a new job finally Tuesday. Shit job but it has been a long winter being unemployed. Not gonna be much progress too soon



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Anybody have a driver side fog light trim piece they want to sell? im tired of the open-ness there and am gettin rid of the fog lights. cheap if anyone wants em. ive got them wired with 12 gauge lol and have a bit more wire. lighted toggle switch. 100w bulbs, they're nothing special



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Not much to update but I got some pics from the carwash today.

Since last post I have Put on a cheap Ebay cold air with a better filter, removed my spark arrestor and resonator and replaced my muffler with a 17" glasspack which you can't see at all because I thought a friend had told me he used the shortest so I just threw it on. Plans now are to replace the 17" with a 28" and put the 17" in the midpipe somewhere.

Enjoy Pics!

All Soaped up

Still looks like shit, Scratches and dings everywhere. Anyone interested in doing an exterior detailing job and teachin me some things?

Soon to come is stock intake because ebay one has a small leak and doesn't fit quite right, Good interior cleaning and gettin it all back together.

Engine work/Timing Belt coming in the spring if everything holds up that long

Anyone going to the Bangor meet this Friday?



Let me know when you want to do the timing belt I can help you do it or do it for you



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Let me know when you want to do the timing belt I can help you do it or do it for you
I will take you up on that man, I should have everything together within a month or two.

Any recommendations on timing belt kits? I am thinking a Gates kit with a factory water pump



I have had good luck with after market water pumps the factory one is pricey



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Got me some new tires and wheels! Now i need a lift...

225/70r15 Grabber AT2


15x6.5 +38 MB Mesh X

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