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Hi guys!

My name is Alex and live in Sweden, wey far from Maine, yes but the 4x4 or Overlanding is not that bi
g in sweden yet and even less when it comes to Subarus.

I have a 2015 Subaru Outback 2.0d (BS). I am into overlanding and thaught i use this platform to build my rigg so it can comute me to work at the same time with out costing me my shirt by drinking to much fuel.

1 litre of gas 95okt cost ruffly 1,5 us dollars.
So with a diesel i get what i need and keep my clothes on.

What i have done so far is raised it 2inch whit Readylift lift kit, a very good kit that fitts right on without any fuzz.
This allowed me to put 17 inch wheels wraped in 245 65R, tried to get the BF goodridge K02 on it but the sweed retailers could only get me Coopers for now.

Next step is to upgrade the coilovers to get rid of the saggines, litle more ground clearence and better looks ;).

After that i am looking to build a custom bumper, the front is far to fat right now.

My problem is, all good custom parts are from your side of the world and you guys are not driving diesels as far as i know so its hard to find stuff that i can be sure fits to my car, maybe i can get some help here.

Other than that i am into Down hill and a tripp to Wissler is on the bucketlist.

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