*OFFICIAL* Snow Thread


The Eco Man
Well it`s that time of the year and the 1st flakes have hit the ground in Acton. Hey Paul anything going on up by you yet?



Founding Father
Nothing in the dirty Lew. I think i will be swapping out to my winter set-up this week though.



New member
Snowing pretty hard in Foxboro Mass. right now at the Pats game... wouldn't be surprised if we get that here.



lol looks like i gotta switch the truck from 2wd setting to a4wd or if it gets bad enough 4hi/4lo lol... The g35 is in need of tires so ill be putting on the dunlap graspic's that are in my basement after the drift event on the 23... lots of snow fun for me this year!!! Finally a 4wd with good tires! Been driving rwd/fwd cars since the sti.


Mr. Poon

New member
Totally bald stock tires on my '09, which was brutal in the snow when the tires were new. Looks like the Alpins will be going on early this year.



The Eco Man
i guess that your posting will be temporarily paused??????
If you think I am going out to play around in the snow your wrong. I`ll leave that to you youngins. I have calculated I have driven over 1,000,000 miles in the last 48 years through all kinds of weather, blizzards, ice storms you name it. It may be all new to you but I have been there done that many times. Have fun



It will be time to put on my snow tires before I know it

Ugh, I hate studded tires. Annoying as hell. But, I can borrow them for this winter for free. So I can't complain to much...


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