Official Spring Group Drive May 26th,2013


We stopped a lot. LOL. Easy to do when you have no deadline. Angel Falls was my destination. I should have taken a picture next to all the 4wd Jeeps and pickups in the pit. Here I was riding on 50s and 17s. My girlfriend has a new appreciation for my rock crawling abilities. Let's see the Rexs go where the Leggy went. Gotta love $500 beaters. Next time the 0B or a Foz.



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My boss will say its to soon. If their is a tournament or an event I prob won't be able to get it off but we won't know till like 2 weeks before.



DRiVe SiDeWayZ
21st works for me, no Drill in July and working the first weekend so I know I'll have it off!
I have drill the second weekend in July, 13 and 14

Hadn't thought of one but Justin suggested July 21st. Work for everyone else???
It's sooo nice to have someone else think of me! 



wont be able to go needs to save moneys for my trip to nefr the next weekend


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