stock everything: tire size?


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Hey, so stock tires from 2012 when I bought the car are on their way out...

Need something new for the summer.

OEM 2012 wrx are 235/45/17.

I will robably go with 1 of those tires:

 Continental Extreme contact DW
 Michelin Pilot Super Sport
 BFG gforce Sport Comp-2

I want to fill in the gap a bit or get a 'beefier' tire so to speak.

What tire size would work best? I don't care so much about speedo being off etc...

255/40 seems too much

235/40 or 245/40 would seem viable options

245/45 could work too. nasioc has tried it and reports of no rubbing on stock everything.

What say  tire gurus on Mainely (or suggestions of other combos)?

I'd either go stock or 245/45. It also depends on what you want to pay. The Conti DW's are going to be the cheapest, PSS are probably going to be the tires at the high end. I just put stock size Toyo Proxes 4 Plus on the BRZ.